Sunday, 28 June 2015

Police Alert in chavland

Apparently there is a rather rancid hairy spider which attaches itself to the back of ugly old chavs heads and drills through into their skull, in search of grey matter.Obviously with some that could be a long process
Police advise not to approach the spider on humanitarian grounds

Just an observation

Funny but when some are trolling away on social media, and things go, lets say pete tong, there is always that class of low life chav who seem to find some emergency such that means they walk away trying to pretend it was everyone trolling, and oh so much not them- as if.

These emergencies can be anything from their pet kitten having a seizure, aliens landing next door or medical emergencies- always a hot favorite to get one off the hook in dire times

Exaro Exaggerato

Exaggerto - Holding pounds to our account

With Fart Watts, and David Wancker

Fart had a mission, to do serious journalism - but he quickly got over that when his investor demanded his money back with big interest!

A sensational new story by David Wancker. Was Thomas Cromwell a pimp/supplier for paedophile Henry VIII?
David furiously searched back issues of Health & Efficiency to come up with some startling new evidence which links Henry VIII to Westminster  via Hampton Court & royal barges..The Tudors were really usurpers you know

David approached the current Inquiry demanding they look at this immediately but  was met with derision, once again proving the Inquiry was far better when it had a few self-serving money grabbing morons on it

Undeterred, David says anyone with any personal information on this story can contact us at Exaggerato drop box in total confidence
thats Mirror Group Newspapers, Exaro next story to sell,



I had a good chuckle at the latest csa group to hit the victimhood twitter airwaves, namely reflections uk - but not north of the border apparently. The nasty men who live or originate from there, and those with ugly children should stay well clear of reflections,  according to one 'founder' of this new non-entity group - Jenny toerag Tomlin.
The other two cohorts are Fester Baker, and Phil Weasel with his endless spamming petition. Phil claims he has 14 personalities. Amazing, as all appear to be as boring and drab as each other. But I digress. The trolling threesome

Fester or poison dwarf, is the one who recently went on a PR jaunt with uncle give-me-cash Wilmer and Exaggerato story sellers. She directly named several people  including an ex, and a family member, but now in  her latest brief 5 minutes of downmarket media exposure she is pretending she hasn't already named them, and describing them as 'a trusted family member', despite having made several blog posts detailing exactly which family member, and the fact one is her ex. Horse, stable door spring to mind. But trolling Fester trolls on, not only does she name various family members/partners, she introduces a former Lib-Dem MP ( well it would have to be former wouldn't it ) in such a way that it's quite easy to identify who it is. This is all BEFORE the police have even really begun taking her own evidence yet again. The legal impact of all this should be obvious to anyone that is genuinely seeking justice, rather than PR jaunts and the odd radio/tv interview with 1st class travel, or those wishing to make cash out of nothing

Second is the trolling Tomlin, who will happily abuse anyone's kids she hasn't even met and who play no part in events - not once, but several times.The same person who one minute is hearting xxx, then the next describing the very same people as 'evil'. These evil men should stay north of the border with their ugly children suggests Tomlin. I wonder if Jenny who-ate-all-the-pies has looked in the mirror recently?
She claims to be having  cosmetic surgery - must be expensive given the number of faces she has.

Then last and very least is little Phil Weasel, second troll triangle from the left in the general orchestration of things.He accuses others of being someone else, then when its obvious he's badly wrong as they have met another user in person who vouches for them not even being the same gender, weasel Phil slinks off back under his stone with his little petition, and offers nothing by way of an apology, just invokes his victimhood to excuse his trolling.

So these are the lame-brained trolls that are asking you to trust them with your info
shurely not !!

Stop Press, finally the new non entity group reflections  announce who their "professional counsellors" are - non other than belonging to the Lantern Project.Well who would have thought that

 The same Lantern with mad looney Wilmer involved.The same Wilmer that had a paedophile as a trustee, and housed him in his own home
I can see Exaggerato rubbing their hands for stories as I type