Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Chavrunt IDs

gone and easily forgotten after 100 plus suspended,

currently in the wotsit as a pretend cleaner - as if

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Brainless Darren Duckworth

This is one 'Darren Duckworth, of Market Weighton Yorkshire
He's had about a hundred or so accounts suspended on twitter over the years, the above is one of his main current ones
He spends all day and night trolling on social media, whilst drugged up and drunk. He pretends he has a job as a toilet cleaner instead of his 24/7 internet trolling
He has a partner, Julie Hart who works to provide him with his drugs
They have at least 4 children, some very young, who ocupy the same small social housing accomodation on an estate.He spends no time with the kids, they would eat into his trolling time

He has a lengthy criminal record the last known  was assualting a bailff's vehicle  with a baseball bat
when he came to recover debt


He was never a 'DJ' he was volunteer teaboy at local station Vixen, before being booted out

partner in crime with one James 'nonce' Haydon, who likes to hang around csa victims
Duckworth is chums with Bob -let me take 13 years off my age -Ambridge, aka oldholborn, currently trolling with him as his mental case

Chums with Esther Baker as she will take anything that unquestioningly supports her
Racist, Xenophobic, brainless, thinks down syndrome is hilarious, pure oxygen thief

The chimp with no brain

Thursday, 19 May 2016

The Bin Diaries

order from Tesco messed up

What a shower of shite Tescos are!
It was supposed to be 3x cat 6 packs, 14 large pizzas, 20 large tubs of Ben and Jerrys,  large box chocolate assortments & 400 B&H
Somehow they missed the ice cream and sent broccoli instead FFS!!!!...like WTF am i supposed to do with that!
I looked on the internet for cocoa content but found nothing ... anyway rang them straight back to complain
Customer service a load of shite, didn't offer a single freebie ..twats!
Thought that warranted free mixed range of B&J large pack ice cream at the very least , and told her so.
Sarky cow suggested a cookery book
Will send an email to manager tomorrow claiming harassment by staff - that'll teach her to cross me

Good mind to add her to my voodoo doll collection as well, which incidentally is coming on great
To think I  started off with just most of Laddies management & all those on FB who didn't like me, family, relatives, ex clients, most of Thrybergh,  punters who got the nark, the offy wholesaler who refused us credit
most of SYpolice, oh and that twat on the bus the other day
Course, naturally there's IMcF, BE, AL DL, & all the other trolls who give me shit as well
I like those special hat pins, you know the long ones that go really really deep
I twist it in right till the end, then give it an extra wiggle just to be sure lol
PMSL when some on my list complain about aches and pains, laugh? - i often leak a bit of wee at the thought

DM just in, back in a few hours

Sunday, 24 January 2016

The Prague Pornographer






Worwee has deleted/locked some of his porn account galleries

the 'model' in some of the above is MAKINKY

When he's not 'flinging dog poo' around Prague, the Prague Pornographer likes nothing better than to take a few pictures of the locals

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Baker Pictures - these will be removed after a suitable time

The Walter Mitty Prague Pornographer

The Charity thief

And the mentally unstable compulsive liar

Saturday, 28 November 2015

The charm Offensive

It's been clear that for some time EB has wanted to especially ingratiate herself with certain accounts on twitter.
These are accounts might be said to be 'prominent' within the limited world of twitter csa
This is in contrast to her usual approach which is to immediately aggress if she detects the slightest criticism, or dissent from the EB line among the rank & file
But these 'important' accounts are largely exempt from that initial aggression, up to a point at least, because by bringing these accounts 'onboard' it enhances EB's own stock  by association.
She gets more attention, more kudos, and more chance to dictate her terms elsewhere

 So usually her approach to these accounts is filled with generous 'huns', 'sweeties' and 'xxxxx' soothing responses meant to achieve the appropriate effect, along with lots of  RT's and additional effort designed to secure support
In fact in this respect she's probably no different from the average abuser in full grooming mode
But for these special accounts, it's worth making that special effort.For lesser accounts in disagreement she may instead just  jump on them screaming she won't be silenced, & they know jack anyway

Though similar in many respects, Disco is slightly different in this particular one.Her distrust about those not fully onside doesn't in general extend to that extra ingratiating mile to bring them back onside, regardless of status
Short term,they are either with us or agin us, might be a suitable characterisation of Disco. EB however looks at whether they're gullible/malleable enough to be brought into the fold longer term, based largely on whether they are 'important' accounts or not dictates whether she's willing to make the extra manipulative effort
She is after all the professional victim, & certain a/cs will yield far more for her than others, as all professional victims know all too well

never has 'charm' been more offencive

Thursday, 26 November 2015

The Baker-lite trolls

The story is that unlike any 'survivor', Baker hit the tweet deck, and almost instantly wanted to get rid of another survivor. This was quickly followed by yet another to add to her hate removal list namely
AL, IMcF  had Emmerson been on twitter no doubt he would have been added too lol
Baker's TL is littered with troll refs, she has to repeat it often, that way two things happen
1 The gullible give sympathy/attention
2 It implies you aren't one, where in fact - you are & with a capital T

I  can't recall anyone else doing quite the same as 'give-me-attention-NOW baker

Baker was actively assisted in her troll campaign with the above mentioned  by several fellow 'trolls', most regularly by..

Graham fruitcake Wilmer - however this male got near to anyone remotely vulnerable is beyond me

Rory Wilmer - the bunny boiling younger version of fruitcake father, OCD+++++, fantasist/liar
chip off the old blockhead -see earlier posts here

Jenny Escobar Tomlin -miss cannabis forest 1965,  the proverbial sows ear with a liking for darts, designer clothes, men, pies,  and asking people to buy her books cos the proceeds go to help her 'tirelesss work' in csa, obviously that's in between indulging her above mentioned passions of course - how does she find time for it all?
anyone seen any accounts of where this money actually goes? - no, don't think anyone has

Disco77 aka ferapist Claire Bennett lol, temporarily deactivated and on  flounce level 3. Former DI poster who gravitated to twitter to see if she could get anyone else sacked or removed, having run out of victims/ID's on DI forum
Closest associate of the poison dwarf as they are both equally nasty, manipulative and venomous

MaryPeridot lol, Disco's andrex wipe from DI. Always thereabouts in her chocolate teapot way, bringing up, and wiping the rear. Quite likely a sharer with Disco currently when the heat melts her

Troy, aka snowfaked.  another Disco associate from DI forum, located in Cranston Rhode Island
.Xenophobe,  racist, barking mad  70 year old who pretends he's 50. Likes young males & spent his earlier years indulging himself via Uncle Sam. No doubt gets Haydon like gratification being around abuse lobby as its the best thrill he's likely to get now.

Formaldehyde Phil - lately distanced himself, either by choice or accident,

a selection of sock accounts together with occasional bit players like msl/laser light
and the more fluid, 'wait n see which way the wind blows ' types, who wanted a bit too, but weren't in it for the long haul
But I have by no means included all, just a selection

Now you have to bear in mind, given the nature of social media, that the reaction to group trolling
of one person is usually one of the following
1 Move away entirely, because clearly some are unhinged - & many did just that
2 Say nothing cos you might back the wrong side and lose your place
3 Pretend it's not happening - it's not your business, you have a place to consider
4 Dont care
It takes very little to block, but even that is beyond quite a number

Now some did offer some support, in the form of words mainly.But when you have a large group  effectively trolling one person, it's not a pleasant sight, & that one person is likely to react to the group onslaught sometimes, dealing with many notifs tends to have that effect.Over many months that accumulates.It's just group bullying & its effects on the victim
The troll group above, shared the experience around, so less of a strain for the baker-lite trolls
intent on removal
Meanwhile Wilmer jnr suggests along with other things IMcf is a paedophile or supporter, DM's go round
Odd because of that group only he has managed to get his abusers convicted, and without media help first, none of the others even have a conviction.
But it's  all meant to marginalize/demonize one person, as another baker-lite troll said 'we will take your supporters away' - they didn't, but no doubt would have liked too
Is that how survivors act?
Apparently with some it is, largely because the others bury their heads and pretend, they hear nothing, see nothing and say nothing
Yes we should all speak out against abuse, until of course, it's their turn, and then they shrivel away