Saturday, 21 May 2016

Brainless Darren Duckworth

This is one 'Darren Duckworth, of Market Weighton Yorkshire
He's had about a hundred or so accounts suspended on twitter over the years, the above is one of his main current ones
He spends all day and night trolling on social media, whilst drugged up and drunk. He pretends he has a job as a toilet cleaner instead of his 24/7 internet trolling
He has a partner, Julie Hart who works to provide him with his drugs
They have at least 4 children, some very young, who ocupy the same small social housing accomodation on an estate.He spends no time with the kids, they would eat into his trolling time

He has a lengthy criminal record the last known  was assualting a bailff's vehicle  with a baseball bat
when he came to recover debt

He was never a 'DJ' he was volunteer teaboy at local station Vixen, before being booted out

partner in crime with one James 'nonce' Haydon, who likes to hang around csa victims
Duckworth is chums with Bob -let me take 13 years off my age -Ambridge, aka oldholborn, currently trolling with him as his mental case

Chums with Esther Baker as she will take anything that unquestioningly supports her
Racist, Xenophobic, brainless, thinks down syndrome is hilarious, pure oxygen thief

The chimp with no brain

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