Saturday, 28 November 2015

The charm Offensive

It's been clear that for some time EB has wanted to especially ingratiate herself with certain accounts on twitter.
These are accounts might be said to be 'prominent' within the limited world of twitter csa
This is in contrast to her usual approach which is to immediately aggress if she detects the slightest criticism, or dissent from the EB line among the rank & file
But these 'important' accounts are largely exempt from that initial aggression, up to a point at least, because by bringing these accounts 'onboard' it enhances EB's own stock  by association.
She gets more attention, more kudos, and more chance to dictate her terms elsewhere

 So usually her approach to these accounts is filled with generous 'huns', 'sweeties' and 'xxxxx' soothing responses meant to achieve the appropriate effect, along with lots of  RT's and additional effort designed to secure support
In fact in this respect she's probably no different from the average abuser in full grooming mode
But for these special accounts, it's worth making that special effort.For lesser accounts in disagreement she may instead just  jump on them screaming she won't be silenced, & they know jack anyway

Though similar in many respects, Disco is slightly different in this particular one.Her distrust about those not fully onside doesn't in general extend to that extra ingratiating mile to bring them back onside, regardless of status
Short term,they are either with us or agin us, might be a suitable characterisation of Disco. EB however looks at whether they're gullible/malleable enough to be brought into the fold longer term, based largely on whether they are 'important' accounts or not dictates whether she's willing to make the extra manipulative effort
She is after all the professional victim, & certain a/cs will yield far more for her than others, as all professional victims know all too well

never has 'charm' been more offencive

Thursday, 26 November 2015

The Baker-lite trolls

The story is that unlike any 'survivor', Baker hit the tweet deck, and almost instantly wanted to get rid of another survivor. This was quickly followed by yet another to add to her hate removal list namely
AL, IMcF  had Emmerson been on twitter no doubt he would have been added too lol
Baker's TL is littered with troll refs, she has to repeat it often, that way two things happen
1 The gullible give sympathy/attention
2 It implies you aren't one, where in fact - you are & with a capital T

I  can't recall anyone else doing quite the same as 'give-me-attention-NOW baker

Baker was actively assisted in her troll campaign with the above mentioned  by several fellow 'trolls', most regularly by..

Graham fruitcake Wilmer - however this male got near to anyone remotely vulnerable is beyond me

Rory Wilmer - the bunny boiling younger version of fruitcake father, OCD+++++, fantasist/liar
chip off the old blockhead -see earlier posts here

Jenny Escobar Tomlin -miss cannabis forest 1965,  the proverbial sows ear with a liking for darts, designer clothes, men, pies,  and asking people to buy her books cos the proceeds go to help her 'tirelesss work' in csa, obviously that's in between indulging her above mentioned passions of course - how does she find time for it all?
anyone seen any accounts of where this money actually goes? - no, don't think anyone has

Disco77 aka ferapist Claire Bennett lol, temporarily deactivated and on  flounce level 3. Former DI poster who gravitated to twitter to see if she could get anyone else sacked or removed, having run out of victims/ID's on DI forum
Closest associate of the poison dwarf as they are both equally nasty, manipulative and venomous

MaryPeridot lol, Disco's andrex wipe from DI. Always thereabouts in her chocolate teapot way, bringing up, and wiping the rear. Quite likely a sharer with Disco currently when the heat melts her

Troy, aka snowfaked.  another Disco associate from DI forum, located in Cranston Rhode Island
.Xenophobe,  racist, barking mad  70 year old who pretends he's 50. Likes young males & spent his earlier years indulging himself via Uncle Sam. No doubt gets Haydon like gratification being around abuse lobby as its the best thrill he's likely to get now.

Formaldehyde Phil - lately distanced himself, either by choice or accident,

a selection of sock accounts together with occasional bit players like msl/laser light
and the more fluid, 'wait n see which way the wind blows ' types, who wanted a bit too, but weren't in it for the long haul
But I have by no means included all, just a selection

Now you have to bear in mind, given the nature of social media, that the reaction to group trolling
of one person is usually one of the following
1 Move away entirely, because clearly some are unhinged - & many did just that
2 Say nothing cos you might back the wrong side and lose your place
3 Pretend it's not happening - it's not your business, you have a place to consider
4 Dont care
It takes very little to block, but even that is beyond quite a number

Now some did offer some support, in the form of words mainly.But when you have a large group  effectively trolling one person, it's not a pleasant sight, & that one person is likely to react to the group onslaught sometimes, dealing with many notifs tends to have that effect.Over many months that accumulates.It's just group bullying & its effects on the victim
The troll group above, shared the experience around, so less of a strain for the baker-lite trolls
intent on removal
Meanwhile Wilmer jnr suggests along with other things IMcf is a paedophile or supporter, DM's go round
Odd because of that group only he has managed to get his abusers convicted, and without media help first, none of the others even have a conviction.
But it's  all meant to marginalize/demonize one person, as another baker-lite troll said 'we will take your supporters away' - they didn't, but no doubt would have liked too
Is that how survivors act?
Apparently with some it is, largely because the others bury their heads and pretend, they hear nothing, see nothing and say nothing
Yes we should all speak out against abuse, until of course, it's their turn, and then they shrivel away

The fool on some pills

...who just want's to be left TROLL others, and pretend it's the other way around -bless

So who is on the hill? most know but for those who might not, it's one of Baker's hate figures,  I McFadyen
So in her bid to wreck the csa movement, the poison dwarf trolls on

THESE ARE JUST THE SLY DIGS , btw NOT the more confrontational, those are yet to come

here are some TL claims of the same nature

So here we go with a selection of poison dwarf troll tweets..up a hill

and again

and again

and again

and again

and again

and again....

and again

and again ...

well the poor lamb just wants to be left alone, obviously, running out of cover versions

how could she have missed it lol

she's obviously got it the wrong way round, but for the professional victim, thats hardly surprising

and on and on,  ALWAYS the victim

Sunday, 22 November 2015

The 300

Spartans that is, not the alleged 300 vip suspects
Popular myth has it that 300 Spartans held a narrow pass at Thermopylae about 480BC  & inflicted enough damage on an infinitely larger advancing Persian army, that somehow they just gave up, & went home
Current academic evidence suggests that actually isn't quite what happened. There were about 7,000 'Greeks' at the start of the battle, ending with about 1,000 ( including the survivors of the original  300 or so Spartans ) when the position was finally over run by the Persians
The position itself probably wasn't that vital.The Persian Navy, would have sailed by unhindered and landed troops further down the coast, had it not been for the Athenian Navy- itself the result of one Athenians belief the Persians would return one day, & a Navy was crucial in defence of the city states. But that doesn't  capture the  public imagination in quite the same way.

But popular media interest is fairly narrow and will focus on events which it believes will sell newspapers or generate subscriptions
Celebrity, in whatever form is what sells, so abuse cases involving them become 'important'
The rest, which are the vast majority, aren't deemed to be important, because unless there is some particularly lurid or salacious aspect to the abuse, it isn't generally considered newsworthy and will remain largely outside the public arena

The public opinion barometer is sited  squarely within those 'newsworthy' celebrity cases, for better or worse
If they fail in some very notable aspect, or are seen to be brought without sufficient cause, & some of the complainants  to be less than honest in their claims, the outlook for the non-newsworthy majority will be accordingly blighted

All cases should be looked at on the same basis and to the same standard. In practice that's unlikely to happen, but currently the disparity seems to have widened. It's difficult not to conclude that had 'janes' case allegedly involved someone unknown,rather than an ex cabinet minister,  it would have attracted considerably less time and resources, in coming to its conclusion

The second review appears to have been largely for the comfort of senior MPS command in that however unsubstantiated the claim appeared to be, unless every 't' was crossed, every 'i' dotted
however inconsequential, there would remain a remote chance that at some future date, with some future hindsight,  the case may publicly return and claim scalps.
This isn't the case with non vip abuse
Could one trade up to equalize standards? - if you had infinite resources and deemed it necessary to allot  large numbers of detectives for every single case, but the reality is you don't, & it's probably not. What you give to one, you take from another. That's the reality.  A fair test is less likely for all, if one small sections diverts disproportionate resources from another - and a fair test for all should be the aim at least

But the press & public are interested in 'names' and stories. The senior police command officers are interested in keeping their careers & positions, & would rather not be sacrificed on the fickle alter of public opinion for somehow getting it 'wrong', or more importantly being seen to get it 'wrong' with the wisdom of  hindsight, however fair or unfairly that wisdom is applied
Consequently as long as that  situation remains, so will the desire to spend large resources and manpower in order to ensure senior police officers own heads don't end up on the chopping block.

And the Persians? - it's difficult to know their precise aim, but it appears to have been prompted in part at least by the Athenians supporting rebels in Persian territory & a desire therefore for some kind of retribution, which it could be said they achieved by burning Athens.
The Spartans themselves achieved some lasting 'fame', the others who died with them were just forgotten casualties of a culture which concentrates on the few at the expense of the many

Friday, 20 November 2015


will be made as appropriate to any thread. After all we have been blogging for over 5 years plus....or is that that 5 plus minutes....memory is such a fickle thang dontcha think

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Fantasyland of Bakerworld

The fantasy world of Esther Baker becomes ever more bizarre. I suppose since she claims to suffer from 'complex PTSD' along with a few other things, and admits she has severe memory problems- even when just trying to recall back a couple of years ago - so perhaps her retreat into fantasy is part of that whole process?

Here is Baker admitting to those problems

Just to set the thing in context, Baker was commenting about one of her many ads for her several claimed businesses at the time, namely Maranatha Creations - a wedding stationary printers
Here it is having just set up in a small new redbrick court in Conisbrough, a few miles from her & husbands marital home & registered business address in Thrybergh Rotherham

Note  here, she is claiming 'many years experience' even in  2010
She disputes the ad  was 2010, and claims instead it was 'probably 2012, or 2013

 Now, 2010 was the year she got married, and also the year they set up shop in Conisbrough S YKS
which would mean paperwork, leases, equipment moving to several miles away, and someone working there. A fairly eventful time you might think, but apparently Baker cannot place this period with her ad, & wants to claim it was 2012 or 2013, which it clearly wasn't if you look in the review section, there is a review dated Nov 2010, so it's quite clear it was no later than that -though I suspect the positive review was her own work lol.
Advertising is the sort of thing you do when setting up a new business, but Baker's self declared severe memory problems seem to have kicked in - the sort you might have incidentally when claiming you ran a business for 5 years on linkedin - &  yet claim a mere 3 months on twitter for the same business involvement when it suits your purpose. Memory is such a fragile thing it seems

Here is Bakers Linkedin 'cv' note Platinum Pub Services she claims to have run from march 2008, to Jan 2013, almost 5 years

Apparently although on Linkedin,  she claims she ran PPS for almost 5 years, on twitter she contradicts this & says it was just a mere 3 months
Bit of a difference between 3 months and 5 years, but not apparently in Bakerworld
work is well, 'flexible' in definition and length

Here Baker declares her 'work ethic', perhaps she includes her twitter time too since Jan 2015 she has clocked up over 32k tweets in that period, & seems to live on twitter, desperately seeking attention

She declares she has worked full time since she was 15. Now legally children,  in this case those who have not attained the age of 16 & left school, are generally not legally allowed to work full time.Indeed Bakers own 'cv' or fairy tale, puts her at school in Walsall at this period. That's school as in full time between 8/9am and approx 4pm, the sort of normal working hours in other words.But Baker seems to be having the same memory problems here too.
She also claims she was sexually passed around in some group about this time, sleeping with 'hundreds of men' she claims, whilst still at school, or at full time work, which ever variation of the Baker fairy story you wish to believe.Either way these accounts of her past seem to have memory questions surrounding them.

According to her Linkedin profile, she then moved on to 6th form ( her previous school didn't have a 6th form) at Queen Mary's Grammar School Walsall, which did have one. That would be another 2 years of school work, which although possible to combine with some part-time work, doesn't reconcile with the claim of having worked FT since 15
Then it's off to Nottingham University to study Sociology for a year, again it's difficult to see how that translates into FT work in the normal understanding of the term, but apparently in Bakerworld, it does
But then she claims she worked in her business, Platinum Pub Services for 5 years on Linkedin, but on twitter says actually it was just a mere 3 months
So Baker claims on linkedin, she was at school till 16, 6th form thereafter at QM grammar school, followed by a year at Nottingham University - apparently an unbroken chronological chain, whilst also working FT, and also being, totally controlled and  sexually abused over this very same period by some ruthless sex gang, who as ruthless sex gangs go, let her out to continue her education or work full time, which ever of the two you believe, if indeed one believes either.
 It is difficult to reconcile some of these claims

 In response to the latest Baker script changes

The latest amendment to the Baker script is she simply forgot that two years ago she opened her shop, then closed it a couple of months later if we are to go by her Linkedin claim
Obviously it's that impaired memory, the same impaired memory that claimed she had never met an MP, a mere 6 days  after meeting at least 4 at the  House of Commons- one gets so blase about these things . It's so hard to remember everything, but fortunately, she did remember when finally opening her shop, she had some three years prior to opening, placed an ad for her business on some obscure webspace, so went and altered it having also recalled the 3yr old password. Even though she was essentially running a mail order business

But it's important to get these small details right - well some anyway.After all the ad partly related to Baker's other claimed business outlets, this time on ebay - which is surprising because there is no mention, reference or hint of it in the ad text.
No sign, no ebay ID or feedback responses, shurely a missed opportunity - but i'm sure that must have been altered too - obviously.*Shuffles script around*  since her OH is she claims, the one who she is afraid of finding her, he must have known the ID, she couldn't continue to use it at her new Liverpool address without obvious risk, so leaving it on the site wasnt any risk at all once it was abandoned, as the address associated with it was their Thrybergh one.And the ad appears unaltered.

It is of course not possible to argue the ad wasn't posted in 2010, much as im sure some scratched their heads in vain  trying, as it is reviewed in that year. Which leaves only an amendment as an option
Wonder how long it took the committee to work that one out lol

So Baker doesn't recall opening her shop just two years ago in 2013 first time, but needs to consult before she can recall, but she did manage to recall at the time of opening, that she needed to amend an old Ad of 3 years ago at that time, even though the address amendment is fairly inconsequential, and fortunately someone recalled the password too-bless em. Selective memory obviously
Then a few months after opening, the shop closes - but no mention or amendment to the Ad then it appears, even though Linkedin is later changed to reflect the closure of the business

But the latest Baker script change is Baker claims to have run pubs since she was 19. An early age but then her OH is over 10 years older - thats the OH she claims bought her from the sex trade gang, who totally controlled her physically & mentally, and insisted she go to school & take her gcse's & A levels, followed by a brief stint at University, as well as allegedly working full time -obviously an enlightened sex trade gang with a 72 hour working day
But having been bought off this gang & fearful the gang would  renege & return to find her, and quite possibly insist she go back to University, she fled & went into hiding by advertising herself and business' all over the internet lol. You just can't be too careful with security

But no mention of the publican trade on Linkedin, even though it appears in the latest script that its the longest running claim. Well, it's so hard to think of everything obviously lol

Baker is quite likely one of the most prolific liars I can recall. It's almost like breathing with her. One lie follows another, which follows another, all to try to get her own way.She appears to take an almost fanatical dislike to the point of intense hatred for certain people, almost instantly and without any apparent foundation, that's even from the 'start' of her twitter experience.First Lavery, then McFadyen, somewhere along the line, Emmerson - & so it goes on
If correct, it may explain why she could latch on to people in some crazed vendetta without any apparent reason.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The Rise & Fall of CSA

We will take the Exaro sock puppet account's question: is the investigation of vip abuse really really important?

The more considered answer is, it depends -really, really it does!. It's important if you make money out of it like Exaro.
Joe blogs familial abuse is however no less valid than someone claiming abuse by ex PM, cabinet members, MPs, MI5/6, or any Royals, in fact it may be more valid since in general, statistically speaking it's more likely to be true.But it's unlikely to make any headlines, it will get far less resources,TW wont be involved and Exaro will make nothing from it.So you will probably never hear of it, unless you read a local paper
But then there is social media and its growth- right?

Some social media exhibit what might resemble a bacterial growth curve
Limited activity to begin with followed by an exponential growth, then a plateau or decline
This might graphically represent the csa movement on twitter ( note its important to make the distinction, twitter isn't THE movement, just a more vocal, & often misguided part of it)
Initially most saw a common goal, and little reason to be disagreeable.With time and the introduction of a few new members this initial harmony was replaced by a scramble to be top survivor - the Baker effect. Here the cause was not important, the individual was. If people moved away, or felt alienated , tough, as long as some had their own little clique, it didn't matter what happened to the rest, they were  unimportant

This was facilitated by the 'sheep effect' which characterised many of the remaining 'moderates'.They simply pretended it wasn't happening, or at best made token gestures to try to patch things over. Bad call because clearly, it didn't and wont be effective. The Baker effect DEMANDS obedience and status, .The sheep - far too worried they may lose some standing, shut their mouths, buried their heads, and said nothing much. This is the extent of their commitment; they can only make vocal noises against a clear if somewhat caricature enemy, but not the enemy within.They are to use their own terminology, 'groomed' into submission- quite easily in most cases



The Bakers of this world are some of the most vile, evil, manipulative, controlling little things you are ever likely to encounter - and I've met a few.She's a confirmed liar many times over from her own TL
She's not a survivor, she's an abuser who will at every other second tell you she's a victim, and try to squeeze as much sympathy out of any situation as she possibly can, by whatever means, and at whatever cost. As long as her needs are met, that's all that matters.Those characteristics are formed at an early age, they don't just appear one day.She's the sort to try to run over her victims, then reverse for another go, just to hear a few bones crunch on second try,before finally going  home to complain someone had attacked her tyres

If you let your movement get hijacked, it's partly your fault for having no courage to defend it properly
The failing cases brought by Exaro, will damage csa more than any other single factor, and they brought them purely for money- nothing else.Even one of the claimants, now says his case shouldn't have been brought.The end result of these failures will be a change in the law of naming suspects prior to charging, and a growing public sense that such complainants are likely to be just fantasists, and liars - a  cost that other genuine cases will have to bear.They are the ones that will be hurt most because others just didn't care, or are too gullible, or self centred to bother
Don't blame the media, blame yourselves in part for doing nothing other than ranting on in what has become some farcical pantomime.It's not the critics outside, you need to worry about, it's the unscrupulous ones inside, and the ditherers who allow them to flourish

Friday, 6 November 2015

EB her aversion to the truth, & her victimhood

EB claims to want to be left alone by I McFadyen, who she blocked earlier in the year.
She claims 'she never goes on his TL' yet in reality she tags him in fairly regularly as this little selection shows, even when he isn't talking to her, she's happy to tag him in but complains bitterly if the same happens to her.

As usual she claims and repeats her victimhood about every few minutes, despite choosing to tag someone in she claims she never does, lest others forget, best repeat a lie often or even the simple minded might not believe, so EB does just that-always the pretend victim
Here's the screenshots