Friday, 6 November 2015



I am writing to complain about one of you member newspapers printing things which I do not approve of and which breach my human rights, namely that someone is willfully disagreeing with me without my strict approval. This is obviously outrageous and I suspect has been instigated by my abuser, & Mr Emmerson with possible collusion by the whole of the Establishment, in fact who knows where it ends

I demand an immediate retraction, grovelling apology & a brown envelope for Graham to console him
It is unacceptable that anyone should disagree with me, in whatever circumstances, and they should lose their job, if not beheaded
I fully expect to be pandered too, immediately and will take nothing less

Yours A fake survivor

PS I have attached several names that I also want them to lose their job for disagreeing with me
 inc rockpool, Emmerson, etc, more later, obviously

PPS if you don't comply with my wishes, you may be included in my next updated VIP list

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