Thursday, 30 July 2015

Inquiry and Panels

The original panel had just two 'survivors ' on it, Wilmer and Evans.
They didn't get on the panel through some open competition, that much is clear
They got on because of connections.
Its called you scratch my back.....

Governments acting through the relevant minister appoint chairs and panels
quite often it seems to their own advantage
Both are  likely to be appointed on a form of patronage system, panel members more conventionally so but lower down the scale of importance
Current panels were appointed by public application, not via nod and a wank
and no, you dont get to know exact details, same as with any application

The public don't really get a say in the matter
The CSAi was unusual, in that 2 chairs were effectively vetoed out by sections of the public and media
This isn't usual, but I don't think Gvt or May had any real interest in the Inquiry, so were not too bothered apart from PR implications
May was more interested in a possible upcoming leadership election, than an Inquiry that had little top level interest
That said, having lost 2 chairs ( the latter having managed a gong for going ) she was unlikely to want to lose a third - that would be a chair too far.She was highly likely to route her search abroad to avoid the contamination issue that had removed the previous 2
Note here Exaro named some local as the next chair - obviously hot tippers

Public dont get to choose the chair, or panel or many other aspects of an Inquiry, whether for good or bad
Lesser positions like panel members might be awarded on the back scratching principle by third parties for a range of reasons
A backbench MP who may be associated with the campaign for the Inquiry may be offered inducements, or sweetners eg to nominate a few associates, on a nod and a wink
That placates them and goes some way to ensuring their complicity in approving the Inquiry.
His mates who get appointed, owe him one.
This may also help said MP, in his parliamentry career, to be first to report stories he's known to campaign on. The same stories may be routed through odd intenet news agencies, who will make money by selling them on to larger media. This relationship helps politician and media, and who knows where the cash goes to, brown envelope time
It also helps survivor panel members who not only have their daily  panel fee, but also a nose in the funding trough.This in turn will ensure they groom other survivors into 'coming out' via same internet news agency, meaning even more money. What might have been their secret, is now an asset with a price tag.
Who knows how accounts may be 'sexed up' to use the Iraq terminology, by including known MP's names from other sources, suddenly suggested to a survivor in such a way that it would mean their story would be news.
Some may be able to resist the lure, whilst others may not, or may have been attracted by the prospect to begin with

real journalism???

no, money and power, same as the rest

Reflections is just a small part of that seedy process, setup by a few seedy individuals themselves, and non too bright at that, including Wanking Wilmer, the batshit crazy psycho

If anyone trusts any of that lot, don't say you weren't warned.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

funny name for inept petty criminal.....

...'close protection officer' ie inept drug dealer

Alan - Deee'r, well we grew spuds last year, how about a forest of cannabis this year ?
Two faced Tomlin-ooooh that would be nice

convicted dealer 

Seems to have a thing about Disney characters. First goofy now daffy

Monday, 27 July 2015

The three colons

So people came from 'everywhere'
But Laird Lafferty said it was essentially regional.

But how would he know since he only asked for a real name and to say what badge name you wanted.Seems the latter was abandoned on the day.
This was Laird Lafferty's 'safety, regional protocol'
With no region
So just another porky then.

At least some actually turned up, way short of the 140 plus capacity mind, which is why Tomlin Escobar, the Laird, and Fester Faker were still plugging away up till the last minute

But a few faithful made the pilgrimage to Laird Lafferty's Loughborough lounge

I did like the local bbc 15 sec clip with the sparse attendees, one of whom was clearly almost asleep, he was so enthralled haha

But it gave them something to gush about

And the motivations of those involved?
As per usual, with the mad Wanking Wilmers its was about money, funding and being seen as a representative of some movement

Exaro want to be fed details and stories to sell on, to make lots of nice money.Whether the stories are true or not, as we have seen, hardly matters.
Wanking Wilmer has customers, each with a story.So would any survivor group
You can hear those cash registers ring right now for Wilmer/Exaro

Fester, Tomlin Escobar, and Laird Lafferty want similar. A few nice treats, bungs, and to be 'important.A seat at the top table lmfao

The survivors themselves?....just a means to an end!

If you want to sell your story, go to a national, and take advice.Dont go to Exaro who will sell you on and pocket the cash, not telling you, that you will have just blown your case by naming everyone, just to make the story salable

If you want confidentiality, and professionalism, go to the professionals, not rank amateurs with hidden agendas, like Tomlin Escobar, Laird Lafferty, Fester Faker and the Wanking Wilmers

The laird bleats on, whining away, playing for any sympathy

Suppose it slipped the Laird's selective memory about his own comments on others
Rather like Fester, Laird believes he can say anything about anyone, and they have no rights, for as soon as he's done trolling, Laird puts on his victim clothes and declares nobody can say anything against him, because of it.

And what happened to Nicky Morgan, who opened the meeting?
You might be forgiven for thinking she didn't attend as there is no real mention of her or expressions of gratitude by the three stooges.How rude of them not to offer thanks for an MP turning out in the back end of nowhere on a Saturday morning, but then if the stooges don't get exactly what they want, they aren't playing ball.

As it's not an educational issue primarily she would be there in her capacity as local MP
It's practice to make that clear, and not to let any media assume interviews would be available, unless otherwise agreed.

They seem to have written her out of the picture almost entirely, without a public thank you
Par for the course with the troll trio

NB  As if by magic a small reference to nicky morgan appears on Laird Lafferty's blog at about 11.30 pm UK time 27th July15

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Whatever happened to......

...the other 'fantastic speakers' who were booked at the three stooges event??

Apart from MP Jess Phillips, who obviously hadn't heard, all I see are Fester, Laird Lafferty, and Tomlin spliff  Escobar. and a couple of hangers on

So where were the others -'haven't enough space to mention you all' ....LMFAO

Not in Fester's list either

But at least Fester reovered from her illness, bang on time to travel from L Lime St to Laird Loughborough. What timing eh, what a  trooper

Amazing speeches lol, thats one way of describing them lmao
Fester - yeah, right, right, yeah, right yer, ok, grimace, half smile - which is even worse than her grimace

Laird Lafferty, who reaches new heights of boredom, as well as unintended punctuation stops which make his words sound even more stupid if thats possible

Then Tomlin Escobar who probably is emailing everyone on her list with the latest prices of home grown weed
Someone has to pay for the pool ya know
Then there's one half of the Wanking Wilmers, the man with the caterpillar under his nose
Wilmer snr could certainly induce sleep in an insomniac


Thursday, 23 July 2015

Tomlin,property Drugs bust

Interesting that two-faced Tomlin, Fester, and Laird Lafferty appear to take an interest in the value of others property.

Here is Tomlin advertising her own

Main Description

Situated in the Northern Dordogne in twenty one acres of woodlands and fields this property boasts a tastefully restored four bedroomed house, together with a individual one bedroomed Bungalow also on the property.

There is an existing business in the form of an English grocery shop and tea garden, which has a good regular turnover of business.

There is a swimming pool measuring 15x8 metres.

There is a very large barn with permission to convert and a 3.5 acre lake completely flooded and stocked with fish.

This is an ideal business, house and location for anyone seeking a permanent move to France.

Apparently the grocery and tea shop wasn't the only business Tomlin was associated with

The parents of TV star Martine McCutcheon have been arrested in a drugs raid on their home in France.
Gendarmes swooped on the property in the tiny hamlet of Augignac in the Dordogne region after a helicopter patrol spotted a forest of cannabis plants.
Martine's mum Jenny Tomlin, 51, and her stepdad Alan, 40, were taken into custody

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Disco dickhead

Apparently bans those she doesn't like or who is not a toady from the non entity reflections

Dicko knows she has the full unswerving support of Fester, because Fester likes nothing better than a good ol toady, and Dicko certainly meets that criteria

Here is Fester, believing her own PR with VASTLY inflated ego lmao

Laird Lafferty statement lol

Laird Lafferty is speaking - no don't laugh

Here is the Laird as reflections

Since the VSCP Panel was announced on 9 July 2015, already the rumblings of disapproval have started, and can we blame those that have little or no faith in those selected to carry out fully such important tasks?

Actually the rumblings as laugh-a-minute Lafferty the eternal toady speaks of, are mainly from him and his fellow toadiesThey were complaining the consultative panel as opposed to the Inquiry panel, were just unimportant, seems not when you want to moan
But the Laird drones on ....

It is our belief that after being present at the meetings with Judge Lowell Goddard; after attending previous meetings shut down by Survivors that believed they spoke for EVERYONE; and after fighting against other Survivors present in those meetings that there must be a Survivor on the main Panel

Fairly direct shot at AL and IMcF as usual lol, the toady Lafferty can't resist
And who would this survivor be I wonder
Laird Lafferty of Loughborough doesn't say lol
But he has just given a very good reason not to have one on

And he drones on with  absolute corkers

Will we give up? No, never and why? We truly support all Survivors and their voices. We are not a group swayed by Survivor Gangs and their leaders that cause nothing but fear and dread and we will never bow down to those that set out to use personal attacks on Survivors as a weapon to hurt and humiliate.

Survivor gangs? does he mean himself the nasty Tombola, the lying Baker, and the utter fruitcake Wilmer, with their vendettas?

When they say they support all of course, thats not to be taken literally, good god no.McFadyen, Lavery, and of their supporters, anyone not towing the Lafferty, Tombola, Baker Wilmer line
Anyone north of the border, or with ugly kids which we know Tombola hates

And who are reflections apart from a fairly dim collection of 3/4 individuals - we dont know!
No constitution, principles set down, or even any idea who runs the show and how, yet they claim it's 'democratic' lol. They cant even decide if it's a group or not, or just a 'meeting' they are all over the place - shambolic crap
Do you have any protection or reliable assurances your stories if told wont be sold or otherwise misused?
None at all

Esther Baker liar

Fester has a very distinct habit of lying

She lied about the Wilmers trolling others because they were 'concerned abut her being in hospital' - when in fact the Wanking Wilmers had already started their trolling much earlier in the day, whilst Fester was doing her media interviews, darlings yet Fester  blatantly lied to get sympathy and try to get her supporters  off the hook

The facts are easy to check on hers, and others TL .9th's a bare faced lie

She also lies about McFadyen and paints him as invading her TL, when in fact it's largely been the other way around for her and her cronies

Here is Fester again lying and trying for the sympathy card

Now it's fair to say both don't get along, but it's a lie to say she gets daily or anywhere near daily, abuse, that simply is a lie.
When asked to support her lie Fester can't - instead she attempts a diversionary tactic of a spurious claim, - namely drlavertyx has a new ID. Now if you look at the stats, his tweets are 25k on that account, the same account Fester has been engaged with all along, so how can she think it;s a new ID?
It isn't she is trying to avoid supporting her lies, because she cant
She implied she had blocked him earlier, then seemingly blocks him again, presumably just to make sure.

Fester lies as a matter of fact, to try to get what she wants, which is usually sympathy related, or to cover up other earlier lies. She lies so readily, it's compulsive.Question is for someone like that, when does the lying stop, if ever?

Monday, 20 July 2015

And Wee Worwee has a new anon a/c


Oh and Wilmer senior fruitcake who according to two-faced Tomlin had left, is back even sooner, complaining to Interpol someone may have used his biro in an inappropriate manner

oooohhh Matron

That would be like ' your arrest is imminent'
though Wilma fruitcake declined to say which decade
clearly two-faced tomlin's account of the new brighton nutjob being ill again, was a tad over egged

Note Fester troll getting in there

Abuser convictions: reflections

Just how many of the troll group, reflections have secured a conviction for one or more of their alleged abusers?

We know fruitcake Wilmer failed in his attempt to get his alleged abuser convicted
The trial judge even said he was 'extremely unimpressed' with Wilmer's evidence
Fruitcakes are notoriously unreliable and unimpressive, though in legal speak, that usually means
he thought Wilmer was a nobhead liar

Then there is wee Worwee, Wilmer jnr.Now to be honest, I think freddie fantasist is probably just indulging in pork pies again, but lets for the moment humor him and go along with his fantasy.No conviction of his imaginary abuser there either
Nil points for the Wanking Wilmers then

Two-faced Tombola claims to have been abused - make a change from her abusing others online eh Tombola- but again no conviction, so still legally  speaking,  alleged - pass the pies

Then there is wee weasel, Laird Lafferty of Loughborough.The man who is to public speaking what
the EDL are to race relations.Again no conviction there.Odd because rather than prat around with his stupid petition, which will get nowhere, Laird Lafferty could be trying to get his alleged abuser into court.Rather than seeking out notoriety, followers and media time, he could be trying to see his alleged abuser got time - assuming of course it's true.But no, Laird Lafferty is busy making a ass of himself everywhere along with his trolling partners

One of those is Fester just-get-me-on-telly Baker, who seems available for any old media show that will entertain her and bring her some attention. Given she's named her alleged abusers directly and indirectly, she will have a long wait, as she has effectively fucked up her alleged case, assuming she had one in the first instance. No convictions there then, and they way she goes about it there won't be any
Bear in mind Fester has already had a crack at this before, and failed, now on a further attempt she fucks up the case by naming everyone then pretending she hasnt.Police resources down the pan

So of the little troll group in question, NOBODY has secured a conviction for any of their alleged abusers, nor seems likely too.How odd that they spend most of their efforts hunting for publicity of various kinds, rather than hunting for their alleged abusers

But lets get on telly -eh

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Fester:The most important thing... being on any old telly, via sexaro plug and play


Nasty nasty Tomlin

Chris Tuck was nominated by McFadyen, hence the reflection trolls descending on her.
Ask a question Tomlin and her fellow trolls dont like and you will be blocked quickly

The sheer hypocrisy and pork pies of two faced Tomlin

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Some posts will be updated

...with additional material, as and when

So far esther baker troll, seems clear favorite by a fair margin, so that may be updated

Mac users, ie mac, ipad, iphone take a bigger chunk than I estimated
Regionally we have viewers from all over , incl the Czech Republic via USA
Obviously some were never good at Geography or IT

Safari macs native browser also popular ,regionally, so is the north west midlands
We had one visitor from midlands via Australia pmsl

The wee weasel aka Laird Lafferty

......and his Scottish Estate

Laird Lafferty lmao

 Actually its from a thread about a night picture of Loughborough University, this in fact

But Laird Lafferty had his petition to badly plug didn't he

Course Weasel just wanted to spam his petition, and as others noted

So another thread ended thanks to wee weasel
As for his Scottish ancestors lol
Best keep that quiet weasel, Tomlin will ban you as being from Norf of the border

Note he's on about Nonces and abuse but then it shows he became friends with one,  ie 'James nonce Haydon'
Weasel will be complaining of being groomed, shortly

more attention seeking from anyone who will have him

weasel and ukip

caption contest for drinker in the background

looks like Vera Duckworth , Darren's sister

Worwee back , then pops off again

 He never could last very long lol
Poor Warwee, back for about an hour, 7 posts under a protected account, much like last time, then poof, gone again, almost same as last time, eh Worwee

Course we could pretend we have no idea why, lmao, but wee Worwee is non too bright.
Barely managed to get in on his low grade A level in wanking on the HND wanking course, way back when, eh Worwee

By the way, we had someone check out the mural you claimed as yours - turns out even that wasnt yours, it was signed by Aiden Hughes your scouse mate- not you.Still small technicality i'm sure .
As for your 5 minutes at the tv co, as head of everything, no mention of you in credits on a random selection of shows examined - must have been a glitch eh Worwee Walter Mitty

We had a bit of corri to send, official like re Wanking Wilmer snr, who two-faced Tomlin hints has 'retired'
 That translates as 'the bizzies have been round to see Wilmer again' -oh dear not another caution or worse

We will wait and see,before anything goes, but note Wilmer is still RT troll posts lol

He was treated very well by CSAInquiry, they should have charged him, but then Tomlin is suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch a horrendous liar and arse licker.

Still plugging away at her and weasels ,meet - how hard can it be to fill 140 seats
Tomlin could fill 100 of em all by herself.

A thought to leave you with...lie down with dogs.........
Don't say you weren't advised

And worwee is back again.....his appearances last about as long as his jobs

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

More Reflections

Why do Tombola and Weasel  keep saying to get an invite/information, DM me
Because to DM someone you have to follow them and be followed in return
So it's an exercise in getting more followers lmfao

It's going to spread like a giant wave - for a moment I thought they were talking about Tombolas rear
when she sat down.But no, it's the Tsunami of the feckless three

Tombola, semi literate online verbal child abuser, Weasel, who runs up more backsides than a collection of colonic irrigation workers, & Fester the abrasive poison dwarf
And Wilmer of course, as insane as insane gets


Domestic Violence

By hyper obsessive, vindictive, psychos

need we say father...

like son

here our noddynodex tells it all, data doesnt lie.

 Rory Wilmer

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Wee Disco

Wee Disco, aka discovery_77 is a dickhead mate of Tombola, Weasel, Fester Wilmer etc
Thats one thing
She also seems to believe twitter is a playground for just her mates and her, and anything even vaguely in non agreement ought to be removed
In fact she usually makes a tweet saying someone should be removed and asking for assistance to remove off twitter anyone who may remotely disagree with her, and her little band. I have seen this several times now, and noted who has put a rt or favourite on her tweet

Let me say this, if you continue, then karma with a limpet like grip is going to ensure yours and those supporting  status will eventually be what you try to manipulate for others.

And for the wanking Wilmers, and their supporters who are doing the same, tsk tsk

So we know what Goddard is on

..fair enough, interestingly some of those claiming it demonstrates the Inquiry is somehow a gravy train, are not really saying what they earned

So, and we will say this in caps because Wilmer fruitcake doesn't like answering questions


Thats for you Graham Wilmer, not that he's got the wotsits to answer it

How much did they pay you, with proof, as we know the Wilmers are chronic liars

How much does Exaro Mark Watts get for selling stories to the Nationals and do any of those concerned get paid as well??

So come on chaps, youre quite happy to criticize others. lets see how open or not you are

But we already know don't we. 

We know Goddard's package in total, including housing, utilities, flights etc are reported at 500k
so 2.5 m for 5 years, thats for everything

If stories sold and originating from 'friendly panel former members syndicated and sold earned say 50-100k on average, it  might only take as few as 25 over 5 years or so to make up the same 2.5 million money for Exaro from nothing

Playing nicely

You wouldn't think it was that difficult would you?
But obviously it is for some

There are some twitter users who I would doubt would ever appear on here
I may or may not agree with them, but that isn't the point
It's the two faced, skulking liars and low lifes that don't have a point, other than trolling away, whilst quickly accusing everyone else of being a troll, on the basis that must therefore exclude them.
It's generally however  the opposite

The victimhood brigade.Those who like to dish out abuse, call everyone else but themselves, trolls, then immediately declare victimhood such that to be critical of them would mean they would instantly fall to pieces, and it would be YOUR fault!
Known as the Tombola-Baker-Lafferty-Wilmer effect

If you dish it out, then expect a response, don't whinge behind some victimhood cloak
oh my oh my my victimhoods just beenhurt
but only after i've dished out the abuse
Utterly shameless

Get off twitter luvies if thats how you really feel - but it's not is it!
It's a ploy, to get sympathy and avoid comments, and excuse your own trolling

The two faced Tomlin
Dm me hun xxxx, unless you're from the North, and have ugly kids who are the devils spawn as you disagreed with me, which of course means you are an abomination, evil and your ugly kids who play no part in this are just as evil....but everyone else who agrees with me xxxx may your god go with you,xxxx fairy dust and happiness reign down on you all darlings, mwah lovey kissy kisses xxx mwah mwah to all those who agree with me, the rest of you  evil abominations with ugly kids just have a word with my best chums known trolls and sex offender infiltrators who I say xxxxx
you must be nice because you agree with me darlings kissy kissy mwah

talk about synthetic sweetner overload

Monday, 13 July 2015

Rory Walter Mitty disappears again

He has allegedly gone back to the planet bog  for the annual wank festival, for simpletons, wife beaters & bunny boilers

When caught on camera, in the bath 'in training' he declared 'it's mine and I will wash it as fast as I like'

Obviously we wish him luck in the competition, least there is something he's good at.
I'm sure he will return with a few less tweets once the inter galactic space shuttle returns to normal service.

oh and for the simpletons, we will save you some time.Trying to make yourself appear as originating in the US, when in fact you are in the Czech Republic, is like you, a waste of space. We can see through that

Just for the record-BLOG OWNERSHIP

This Blog has no connection whatsoever with a wordpress realtrollexposure

Now, or at any other time.

Much as some eg, darren drainpipe duckbrain, rory wanking mitty would wish it so

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Rory Walter Mitty

Rory Mitty has asked us to showcase some of his *coughs* Artwork

Here is his 1st

A modest little piece Walter Rory claims to have 'knocked out one lunchtime'
We understand Walter is keen on knocking one out

Here's a well known series set in Liverpool, which Walter knocked out whilst still at school during his lunchbreak

When home from school, Walter Rory shot edited, did the artwork , and produced the following before going to bed

As he says he's spent his whole life in Film, so who would doubt it

He did ask us not to mention him and others flinging dog shit around Prague as a 'work of art' so we won't

For the hard of understanding of Rory Mitty's rants, we provide subtitles

Translation = Walter Rory has gone off for  wank

NB Must have been a quick edit/or long wank, as he was back within the hour pmsl

private wanker

Sympathy card players

Playing the sympathy card is an old social media chestnut that predates twitter, and is often used by the shameless to fend off comments on their own dubious behaviour

Sympathy can often be for a claimed illness, pet, relative, or oneself, usually though in my experience it's the latter

I can recall several cases from the past, some we later found out were entirely bogus
Whilst trolling for hours on one forum, a  poster moved to another and claimed they were so distraught they weren't able to post much these days because they were seriously ill.

Another regular troll who claimed a similar state of health made a big show on a forum about waving goodbye, and claimed they wouldn't likely be returning as they were going in hospital for a major op and the odds were very poor.He was posting the next day. He made a series of these over many years

The effect is usually to get instant sympathy and to draw a veil over any previous trolling activity,as most are gullible enough to believe anything
If an illness is 'ongoing' it also provides a shield under which to troll - you can't say anything back to me because im ill, and YOU will be responsible, that sort of thing

Then on the other side there are those who make no mention of any illness at all, whilst others give almost daily updates
I recall one who was terminally ill, only one person on the forum knew this, the rest of us
only found out after he had passed away
He never asked for anything, no special treatment, sympathy card, nor did he troll

I am not aware of any specific heart condition, solely the result of internet activity
There isn't one. Usually the medical factors relate to age, genetics, weight, smoking etc though excessive stress may not help
If anyone has such a condition and believes stress is a factor, they should seek to realistically reduce any stress as much as possible
Trolling on social media isn't mandatory and will only exacerbate things,and quite frankly if anyone voluntarily  continues I would doubt their sincerity and in some cases their sanity as well.
Trying to apportion blame on others for your own voluntary actions is the mark of a charlatan, and sympathy card player

The same goes for claimed mental illness. If you are unable to cope with social media
remove yourself from it.Thats what the health professionals and police are likely to tell you.
That's also what your friends should tell you if they are proper friends and not just media allies

Don't blame others for your condition when you can simply remove the risk yourself, but choose not too, and instead use it as as shield to avoid genuine criticism. Those who refuse to do so are in the main, manipulative sympathy card players, who troll happily and who will use anything to try to get what they want

And bear this in mind.There are likely those who may have genuine illnesses, some terminal, who say nothing yet may bear the brunt of your attacks.I have more empathy for those, than I do the unscrupulous sympathy card players who still happily troll away, then throw up any claimed illness, or victim hood usually after abusing others, and then  retreating

Someone who isn't a part of events, doesn't troll but who gets targeted, including others children - like Jenny Tombola does ( see earlier posts) or relatives with heart conditions, who dont have a twitter account but Rory Mitty posts pictures of show the Wilmers and co just for what they are.Scum

If it's your choice to troll , don't blame others for your own actions regarding your claimed illness , genuine, or  bogus

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Walter Rory Mitty - Troll and obsessive abusive liar

We left Wilmer jnr out so far because  he had apparently gone private, but the wife beater has returned so we thought a little mention would be in order. There is quite a bit to say on the junior version of Wilmer nutjob, but we will stick just to the abusive scumbags lies on his *coughs* film career lmfao, for the mo

 Here's Rory Mitty trying to live down his wife beating days by inventing himself a past

Well that seems clear. He left the uk not because he was trying to avoid maintenance, or because he was an abusive 'bunny boiler' to his brief ex partner, Disney had given him a job on Pirates of the Carribean. What fun - what lies.

Here is an extract from the lying little scroats own 'cv' posted elsewhere with dates

Now just to deal with the chronology first, the dates lying Rory Mitty has for the 'Disney' brief employment starts at 2007, long after he left the UK, about 2 years in fact. Note he has put himself as a 'lecturer' in 2006 in Prague, clearly indicating that his claim to have left the UK for employment with 'disney' in 2005 , is just a part of his fantasy world. Its another 2 years before the word Disney appears in fantasy Rory Mitty's world. The claim that he left the UK for that job is just another lie, and thats via his own printed word, albeit two very different versions, but then this is Rory Mitty fantasist, liar, abuser.
No mention either about Pirates or Carribean there just mobile games  - OOPS a daisy Rory Mitty

There are 'issues re  the lecturing, Disney mobile games and his  claim of working at Mersey TV as production designer, but we will largely leave those for the moment. just to say his claim for Mersey TV according to the above is  working there from 2005, to 2005, so that's just a matter of months then, a brief temporary job as a runner, come teaboy before he leaves for Prague the very same year 2005.  Yet that's not the way he tries to lie/spin it - oops a daisy Rory Mitty

In fact if you look at Rory Mitty's history virtually all his claimed employment has terminated very quickly. some in a matter of months, nothing much lasted more than  about a year usually much less, when they find out fanasy fred is just hot air. Ooops a daisy Rory Mitty

part two

So by his own if somewhat contradictory lying weasel words, we know that Rory Mitty, liar, abuser,
woman beater did not leave for Prague for a job at Disney mobile, that is according to his own cv where he claims was he worked for disney mobile from 2007
He also claimed on that same cv he was a lecturer at a Prague college in 2006
He also claims on the same site he has lived in Prague since 2005
We have some issues with the latter, but that is for another day,but  he left the uk in 2005 with no job to go to

According to his own words, he has lived in Prague since 2005
He was also in the same year dealing with issues relating to fathers four justice here in the UK, and offshoots, since Rory Mitty fell out with some of his own fathers for justice colleagues - so it was a busy year, what with that, then moving to Prague in 2005.

He claims also IN THE VERY SAME YEAR IN THE  SPACE OF JUST A FEW MONTHS  he produced work for about 20 episodes of Grange Hill, and about 15 of Hollyoaks, some 35 episodes  in total all apparently as lead graphic designer, again whilst working there for JUST a few short months.In fact he seemingly squeezed in much more, as he is also apparently claiming in that portion of his cv that within the same micro dot of TV time,at Mersey TV that he was also the following....

Design runner ( gofer in other words ) Design assistant ( gofer ) Stand by Art Director (gofer )
and stand by props. ( pity he can't 'stand by his own words isn't it, rather than delete them many times)
Then suddenly he was catapulted to lead graphic designer, with the implication the he worked on 35 TV episodes all within almost the TV equivalent of a few seconds

Well lots happen within the vacant head of Rory Mitty, fantasist, and  woman abuser

Thursday, 9 July 2015

The man with the grudge

I was curious about old Wilmer, the ultra-obsessive man with the huge grudge. He never managed to get his alleged abuser convicted, unlike McFadyen who did. Was it just the loss of 500-a day fees for Wilmer that sparked the nutjob into his vendetta, or was there rancour that despite a 'confession' from his alleged abuser, Wilmer never managed a conviction- though it appears he Wilmer a caution himself these days.
Now according to Wilmer, it's all the police's fault - well it would be I suppose, couldn't have anything to do with Wilmer himself. His alleged abuser was apparently in a distraught state when interviewed by the police, so should have had an appropriate adult present when questioned said Justice Reid. The recordings were deemed inadmissible, which left Wilmer's own evidence.And here is where it gets interesting because despite being keen to blame the police entirely for events, and imply that's only what the judge said, it's not. Justice Reid also said about Wilmer himself the following ...

"the testimony, for what it is worth, of Mr Wilmer".

adding that he ( Justice Reid ) was , "extremely unimpressed" with Wilmer

very damning words all considered

Wilmer eventually settled for  £20,000 from the Salesians, who employed his alleged abuser
and agreed not to take the matter further. True to form, he ratted on his agreement, and detailed events to sell a book - kerching. So the Salesians offered another £10,000 for 4 years to his project
despite settling previously. Money does seem to feature with Wilmer quite a lot, for the man with the grudge.
kerching kerching

Two-faced Tomlin

Well, two is an underestimate for jenny of the pies

That woman has more faces than big ben
Here she is making nasty remarks about someone's children, who played no part in the discussion, and yet nasty old Jen couldn't help herself, just like before with someone else's kids.She deleted the tweets naturally, can't have others seeing what an old vindictive two-faced frump she really is.

Here is Tomlin again attacking kids

If anyone mentioned hers , you would never hear the last of it - kind of makes her 'we care xxxxxxx
DM me, we support, providing I don't like you or your kids personally of course'

more pies?

Phil Weasel

Here is weasel man, in 2014, talking not about the current panel, as you might think, but the OLD panel with Wilmer nutjob on it !!! rofl

YES! - Really!!

What a U turn by weasel phil in his desire for attention
Now he gets a few females patting him on the head, and throwing him a morsel now and again, so U turn if you want
But typical of professional victims, weasel blames it all on someone else. He isn't man enough to admit he preferred the odd morsel, so just turned coat,no, wee phil blames it all on being ....wait for it.....groomed couldn't make it up could you - oh weasel phil just did
So no, 'I changed my mind' just, oh I was groomed into bad thoughts

Pats weasel on the head

Fester Troll

It's the CSA Inquiry publicity show, and Fester is wondering where her's is

Oh there it is supplied by loyal arsewipe disco...well in print only.
Fester still isn't happy, she wants to be on telly

Here she is asking her media outlet pet, when she will be on the box, now that she is suddenly an 'expert' on all related csa matters , err, right, yeah, def, right, yeah, yeah ....fixed grimace.

But Fester still isn't happy,  - no  sireee  the Inquiry are not personally protecting her 24/7 in all her trolling little ways, or personally attending to her every  whim.Obviously L Goddard missed that bit of her brief.

Lets face it, anything short of LGoddard declaring her total devotion to Fester and her trolling, would be totally unacceptable.
Fester moves on to her alleged abusers - note here, she's previously indicated nobody should speak about them, well, save for her and her acolytes anyway

To recap, Fester only had one " ex LibDem MP  - and it's reasonable to assume those of her family she accused and named, as well as former partners are not associated with anyone at Westminster or the Inquiry, so it's just one ex LibDem, stress on ex.
Here, CC confirms that, and confirms Fester has discussed  it  with most anyone vaguely sympathetic
Not difficult to work out who. Now bear in mind the impact of the above on anyone genuinely wanting to seek justice, rather than just to get attention and a bit of media coverage.
He isn't part of the Inquiry as such I should add, nor is he even an MP anymore
Infamy Infamy......