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Esther Baker Troll

Yes little Esther, or 'Fester' as some have taken to calling her is by her own loose definitions, a troll.
Fester likes nothing better than trolling. Sod catching her alleged Lord and Judge, who nicely gave themselves titles whilst Fester claims they were abusing all and sundry in the woods.Or not in the woods, since her story seems to have moved on, and the woody element is now downplayed against houses. And the family member and others she happily named, are also now downplayed to 'trusted family members'
Perhaps if Fester could have got that one right to begin with, she might have had more credibility.
Having had her 5 mins of 'fame' and a few 1st class rail tickets, Fester is drifting back to her trolling ways
Now with Fester, a troll is someone who disagrees with her. Obviously that includes her pet hates, Lavery and McFadyen, but also several others have joined like Eve Thomas, anti-abuse campaigner who dared to disagree with Fester and the dubious survivors group, 'reflections'.
Now too be fair, there is probably no more than a handful of members of reflections, and that includes, who-ate-all-the-pies Jenny Tombola, and Phil Weasel, trolls in their own right.

Here Goes Fester again, lying and trying to keep someone in the fold by doing so.

Now this is untrue, since Fester allegedly went into hospital late on the 9th or early 10th according to her mates TL, yet the Wilmers kicked off much earlier in the day along with the csa announcements, but hey whats another Lie
Fester herself was giving 'media interviews' darlings, same time  the Wilmers were trolling during that day
Interesting to note that whilst she claimed to be in hospital the next day, she still managed to RT one of Rory Mitty's posts
But Fester believes she can blag and and play the sympathy card for all it's worth on anyone to achieve her aim.
Shameless exploiter and a disgrace to all genuine victims

But perhaps Fester and the gutless G Wilmer should take Rory Mitty's suggestion to someone else
Namely if you can't cope with social media criticism,yet troll happily, remove yourself - don't blame others or shamelessly play for sympathy and use it to deflect genuine criticism

When arrests are made lmao
At the rate Fester has named her abusers before the police have even had time to get their notebooks out, there will be no case, genuine or otherwise
As for any other arrests re Wilmer - the man is an utter fruitcake, a laughing stock - wasting police time and doubtless giving them a good laugh as well

Here's Fester's favorite card

Here are some comments about Fester etc, from another entirely unrelated blog, and I post them without comment for the moment at least

Ms Baker a few days ago ( pre Sky broadcast) went into a frenzy about how a csa meeting unauthorised recording might 'identify her if it were made public (which was at best, extremely doubtful). It caused her much distress she claimed, reliving abuse, her abusers might locate her etc.That was just a few days before her media story went public and she identified herself with pictures and PR to millions,not just a few twitterati
She works in a betting shop in Merseyside
So why the fake outrage and tears a few days before? -see her timeline,
Was it distress as she claims that a previous alleged abuser might identify her, or merely distress it might interfere with her media exclusive spotlight?
It must have been lies because she was clearly going ahead with Sky at the time, which meant millions would see and know, including her alleged abusers.
Or was it just her excuse to attack someone on a false pretext, even now more fake outrage saying the Inquiry isn't 'protecting her' .It was her choice to launch the PR with Sky, not the Home Office.

Check on all the sky reports for the plug for Lantern project at the bottom, since this venture was organized by Wilmer, and he got his spot and plug in on every Sky report as a condition.
Would it have been given the coverage without the alleged politician??

So it's not just someone deciding to go tell the police, it's a planned media staged event linked to funding and promotion.
Why not just go to the police and let them handle it, including any public appeals?
why prejudice a case via a media story?
There is an obvious answer.
Wilmer wants to be seen as THE voice of survivors and wants cash, and losing his position on the panel meant he lost not only the fat daily fee, he lost his snout in trough time for available funding that went with it.Since then he's been MEGA MEGA pissed off, blaming McFadyen and Laveri
Esther is part of his troll group for both, along with his son Rory ( twitter account now deactivated ) who basically said McFadyen was a paedophile and more.It was all very very very toxic from Rory. So much so that Rory Wilmer's previous supporter and helper, gojam, decided he was too much of a liability and disowned him- see his TL - i have screenshots.
RWilmers account 'disappeared' shortly afterwards. Graham Wilmers proxy trolling nosedived.

This is Rory and the Wilmer desire for publicity

Not comprehensive, but arrested and charged numerous times.

Rory claimed he just wanted to see his son, who was about 5 at the time in 2004 ( now about 16). Heart strings you might say, except it's hardly the full story.He was abusive to his ex,and had restricted access to his son as a result,but he wanted it HIS way or no way, threatening his ex if he didn't get it.But if he was so wanting contact with his son, why did he a few months after the demos, piss off to Europe for 10 years traveling and avoiding maintenance?
Both Wilmers are very OCD liars who demand their own way or else.

Why does Ms Baker seem more keen until the recent Sky report that is,on trolling other 'survivors' namely McFadyen and Laveri and supporters,than anything else?
That didn't make the Sky report,surprise, surprise!!!!

There is far more untold and reaches back to others.

Anonymous29 May 2015 at 08:40

Esther Baker may indeed have been a victim of abuse at some time, by someone. But it's hard to work out who, as she claims to have been assaulted by many different individuals. I'm also left confused as to what she told the police sixteen months ago when they rescued her from domestic abuse and what she's only told them now. Have they investigated or even arrested any of the other people she's accused of serious criminality - her father, the pimp, her partner, any of their associates?
I have to say the Sky news tale sounds like a rehash of the old Satanic abuse stories, hence the incongruous open air setting. The mention of a *Labour* politician may be a subtle hint that the whole thing is even sillier than it appears.
Perhaps they should put up posters.
'Were you on Cannock Chase in the 1980s or 1990s? Did you see a bunch of kids,miscellanous adults, and a well known politician with a police guard. Oh, and a cameraman. If so contact Staffs Police on etc.etc.
If you go down to the woods tonight . . .
Anonymous29 May 2015 at 22:34

I have read Esther Bakers tweets, and not just the recent ones, but those dating back for some time. I would describe her as something of a social media bully, who if confronted quickly plays the victim card to try to portray herself differently than her actions would suggest.

No, we heard nothing in the MSM of her claimed long term family abuse, or the abuse she's claiming with later partners, yet this must have covered a larger section of her life, and where she must know some of the names of her alleged abusers, who if correct would have abused others, so one might expect greater chance of prosecution.What we only get to hear is of nebulous Lords, Judges, and a 'Politician' the headline grabbing stuff that sells.

She claims her mother was a nurse who worked night shifts during her childhood, which provided the opportunity for her father to abuse her. Odd then that what must have been some very obvious physical and mental signs of distress, her mother failed to note or act upon

There is I understand, a Sunday Times article due which she appears upset about and she claims it concerns one of her alleged abusers

She is described as co-founder of the new CSA group reflections UK, with her twitter associates including Graham Wilmer.Oddly enough these events have all coincided.

disco30 May 2015 at 03:57

I believe the Sunday Times article is this weekend, and she Baker is already saying it's lies. I can only assume it's her father/ex/pimp as they must be the easiest to trace.
Surely it's only fair to hear both sides, even in the media.

I have heard nothing whether any previous claimed abuse was actually prosecuted or not. If not why not, and why is so little coverage given to it?
Bit like Karen Danzuck's own claims which her family contested were porkies.
I am sure having her husband an MP on the make and plugging child abuse,and Karen looking for advancement had nothing to do with it.
Perish the thought.

I don't know what happened or not to EB, but I find the thought that such a group on the chase were calling each other judge, or lord during a major crime.
What next, bank robbers leaving their contact details.

Anonymous31 May 2015 at 13:36

I was thinking the same on the Dolphin Sq aspect that Fester said she read someone's description, and decided she was there too. Most nurses work shifts, bit unusual to be working all nights if that's what she is implying.But it gets more bizarre. She is saying there wasn't just her, but about 7 girls on the chase.Seven!!!!!. So how many alleged abusers, apart that is from just 2 police officers, sometimes in uniform, sometimes not. I wonder how she knew they were police officers if not in uniform,unless she's claiming they were just two regulars. So for all those years with all those girls, in the evening sessions and all those people, nobody noticed/reported a bus trip on the chase, with a large number of people, few policemen, camera, lights and strange goings on, and why no girl made a break for it and managed to successfully hide in the undergrowth, at least a few times, given there were about 7 or more?
Why the chase anyway, surely it's hardly the place to take 7 or more kids to abuse in secret given the risks involved, surely they would have found a secure place rather than risk being caught by passers by, who apparently never saw a thing over all those years.

She claims by going public now, shes more safe since her abusers wont dare come back as she's now high profile. Since the only abuse she is talking about is when she was a girl, she isn't anymore, so why would they?
She also says she first reported events to the police in 2012, but by implication, nothing happened.
I wonder why? Wasn't till she teamed up with the-man-with-a-stupid-moustache and exaro,a former lib dem mp, and sky, that changed. Exaro sell stories and need cash.What sells now is this stuff.
Anyone 'counseling' must have few stories they could plug, add a bit of media circulated but uncorroborated gossip, provided by newsagency and dah da.

Anonymous2 June 2015 at 23:29

The ex LibDem she is accusing, if you read back on her tweets, is actually part of the inquiry.
He sat in on many meetings, poses as defender of children and a reformer. I know one smart chap's worked it out - he pointed it out to me. Once you know who she is accusing, the fury of some of the others in the group makes sense! Look at Wilmer's tweets about hiding in plain sight, cloaking devices, the inquiry being infiltrated by paedophiles..

Anonymous3 June 2015 at 04:42

There are no MP's who are 'part of the Inquiry' .I read what she tweeted, taken with other bits of information it's not difficult to narrow things down.That should not be done.
That's what happens when you bit by bit have someone named. So anyone coming forward could have done the same, together with now knowing details of where, how and when.Evidence unreliable.
Wilmer is stupid, and his son is even more stupid.The only thing he's interested in is cash and revenge.
Wouldn't trust him an inch. Can't say much more about Baker either from what I've seen and read.
I don't want trial by media, and I don't believe in those who do.

Anonymous3 June 2015 at 05:51

Exro won't, they will just drop hints,because it's yet another drip-by-drip story to flog.They can't afford a libel action.
They need cash pronto to pay back their loans,and were allegedly expecting a few nice stories from some former Inquiry panelists as was, till May rightly dumped the old panel, and now they have never stopped moaning about it since.
Wilmer's customers might be a ready made client list for any PI firm, and Wilmer would have had his panel fees and funding under the old setup.
T King wants to be deputy leader of Labour Party, partly on the back of csa

All very cosy, but nowt much to do with justice.

Wilmer and his cronies are loathsome self-interested vermin, pretending to be something else

Michaela Norton10 June 2015 at 16:34

You complete and utter arseholes. You have no idea! Way too quick to judge. The Lantern Project is such an amazing organisation who in no way care or are interested in fees from anyone!
You bastards have no clue. Wait and see then your apology will still not be accepted!!!!!

Disco11 June 2015 at 04:46

That would be the same Ms Norton who is seen in a picture cuddling up to Mr Wilmer, and religiously defends his every action on social media.
Wilmer is a very odd looking character, and while that isn't always a good indicator, in this instance it rather is.
He & his son the feckless Rory ( whose idea of beautiful Prague and Performance Art, was slinging dog poo around the city ) have been trolling others on twitter because he is pissed off he lost his daily dosh.

He is currently spamming everyone to support his bid for cash, even though Ms Norton says he has no interest in it.
Odd the FACTS don't support her.
How much did Exaro make from selling Bakers story to MGN? how much did Baker & Wilmer get?

Baker's supporters claim she got nowhere till she teamed up with Wilmer, and the mysterious Lords & Judges, and the not so mysterious Lib Dem ex MP
And Exaro know of two others alleged to have come forward- one before Bakers own PR campaign
So how do Exaro know as apparently they haven't been interviewed, nor to my knowledge have the police confirmed this?
Surely they aren't more complainants from the Exaro stable, - come forward my children, Exaro will listen and sell your story - 'by the way did you ever meet one ex LibDem MP vocally supportive of the Inquiry, surely you must have, perhaps in the Chase - think hard I am sure you will recall, we can help.'

I have no reason to believe some of the volunteers are not supportive at Lantern, but Wilmer has his eye & their stories on other more material things if they broadly fit the bill, and are receptive.
Add to that Exaro's appeal for you to tell them your tale, and you too could be in the Sunday People or Mirror.Complainants get publicity and greater focus from the police, others get a nice wedge out of it.

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