Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Wee Disco

Wee Disco, aka discovery_77 is a dickhead mate of Tombola, Weasel, Fester Wilmer etc
Thats one thing
She also seems to believe twitter is a playground for just her mates and her, and anything even vaguely in non agreement ought to be removed
In fact she usually makes a tweet saying someone should be removed and asking for assistance to remove off twitter anyone who may remotely disagree with her, and her little band. I have seen this several times now, and noted who has put a rt or favourite on her tweet

Let me say this, if you continue, then karma with a limpet like grip is going to ensure yours and those supporting  status will eventually be what you try to manipulate for others.

And for the wanking Wilmers, and their supporters who are doing the same, tsk tsk

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