Thursday, 9 July 2015

Phil Weasel

Here is weasel man, in 2014, talking not about the current panel, as you might think, but the OLD panel with Wilmer nutjob on it !!! rofl

YES! - Really!!

What a U turn by weasel phil in his desire for attention
Now he gets a few females patting him on the head, and throwing him a morsel now and again, so U turn if you want
But typical of professional victims, weasel blames it all on someone else. He isn't man enough to admit he preferred the odd morsel, so just turned coat,no, wee phil blames it all on being ....wait for it.....groomed couldn't make it up could you - oh weasel phil just did
So no, 'I changed my mind' just, oh I was groomed into bad thoughts

Pats weasel on the head

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