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Walter Rory Mitty - Troll and obsessive abusive liar

We left Wilmer jnr out so far because  he had apparently gone private, but the wife beater has returned so we thought a little mention would be in order. There is quite a bit to say on the junior version of Wilmer nutjob, but we will stick just to the abusive scumbags lies on his *coughs* film career lmfao, for the mo

 Here's Rory Mitty trying to live down his wife beating days by inventing himself a past

Well that seems clear. He left the uk not because he was trying to avoid maintenance, or because he was an abusive 'bunny boiler' to his brief ex partner, Disney had given him a job on Pirates of the Carribean. What fun - what lies.

Here is an extract from the lying little scroats own 'cv' posted elsewhere with dates

Now just to deal with the chronology first, the dates lying Rory Mitty has for the 'Disney' brief employment starts at 2007, long after he left the UK, about 2 years in fact. Note he has put himself as a 'lecturer' in 2006 in Prague, clearly indicating that his claim to have left the UK for employment with 'disney' in 2005 , is just a part of his fantasy world. Its another 2 years before the word Disney appears in fantasy Rory Mitty's world. The claim that he left the UK for that job is just another lie, and thats via his own printed word, albeit two very different versions, but then this is Rory Mitty fantasist, liar, abuser.
No mention either about Pirates or Carribean there just mobile games  - OOPS a daisy Rory Mitty

There are 'issues re  the lecturing, Disney mobile games and his  claim of working at Mersey TV as production designer, but we will largely leave those for the moment. just to say his claim for Mersey TV according to the above is  working there from 2005, to 2005, so that's just a matter of months then, a brief temporary job as a runner, come teaboy before he leaves for Prague the very same year 2005.  Yet that's not the way he tries to lie/spin it - oops a daisy Rory Mitty

In fact if you look at Rory Mitty's history virtually all his claimed employment has terminated very quickly. some in a matter of months, nothing much lasted more than  about a year usually much less, when they find out fanasy fred is just hot air. Ooops a daisy Rory Mitty

part two

So by his own if somewhat contradictory lying weasel words, we know that Rory Mitty, liar, abuser,
woman beater did not leave for Prague for a job at Disney mobile, that is according to his own cv where he claims was he worked for disney mobile from 2007
He also claimed on that same cv he was a lecturer at a Prague college in 2006
He also claims on the same site he has lived in Prague since 2005
We have some issues with the latter, but that is for another day,but  he left the uk in 2005 with no job to go to

According to his own words, he has lived in Prague since 2005
He was also in the same year dealing with issues relating to fathers four justice here in the UK, and offshoots, since Rory Mitty fell out with some of his own fathers for justice colleagues - so it was a busy year, what with that, then moving to Prague in 2005.

He claims also IN THE VERY SAME YEAR IN THE  SPACE OF JUST A FEW MONTHS  he produced work for about 20 episodes of Grange Hill, and about 15 of Hollyoaks, some 35 episodes  in total all apparently as lead graphic designer, again whilst working there for JUST a few short months.In fact he seemingly squeezed in much more, as he is also apparently claiming in that portion of his cv that within the same micro dot of TV time,at Mersey TV that he was also the following....

Design runner ( gofer in other words ) Design assistant ( gofer ) Stand by Art Director (gofer )
and stand by props. ( pity he can't 'stand by his own words isn't it, rather than delete them many times)
Then suddenly he was catapulted to lead graphic designer, with the implication the he worked on 35 TV episodes all within almost the TV equivalent of a few seconds

Well lots happen within the vacant head of Rory Mitty, fantasist, and  woman abuser

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