Thursday, 16 July 2015

Worwee back , then pops off again

 He never could last very long lol
Poor Warwee, back for about an hour, 7 posts under a protected account, much like last time, then poof, gone again, almost same as last time, eh Worwee

Course we could pretend we have no idea why, lmao, but wee Worwee is non too bright.
Barely managed to get in on his low grade A level in wanking on the HND wanking course, way back when, eh Worwee

By the way, we had someone check out the mural you claimed as yours - turns out even that wasnt yours, it was signed by Aiden Hughes your scouse mate- not you.Still small technicality i'm sure .
As for your 5 minutes at the tv co, as head of everything, no mention of you in credits on a random selection of shows examined - must have been a glitch eh Worwee Walter Mitty

We had a bit of corri to send, official like re Wanking Wilmer snr, who two-faced Tomlin hints has 'retired'
 That translates as 'the bizzies have been round to see Wilmer again' -oh dear not another caution or worse

We will wait and see,before anything goes, but note Wilmer is still RT troll posts lol

He was treated very well by CSAInquiry, they should have charged him, but then Tomlin is suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch a horrendous liar and arse licker.

Still plugging away at her and weasels ,meet - how hard can it be to fill 140 seats
Tomlin could fill 100 of em all by herself.

A thought to leave you with...lie down with dogs.........
Don't say you weren't advised

And worwee is back again.....his appearances last about as long as his jobs

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