Thursday, 16 July 2015

The wee weasel aka Laird Lafferty

......and his Scottish Estate

Laird Lafferty lmao

 Actually its from a thread about a night picture of Loughborough University, this in fact

But Laird Lafferty had his petition to badly plug didn't he

Course Weasel just wanted to spam his petition, and as others noted

So another thread ended thanks to wee weasel
As for his Scottish ancestors lol
Best keep that quiet weasel, Tomlin will ban you as being from Norf of the border

Note he's on about Nonces and abuse but then it shows he became friends with one,  ie 'James nonce Haydon'
Weasel will be complaining of being groomed, shortly

more attention seeking from anyone who will have him

weasel and ukip

caption contest for drinker in the background

looks like Vera Duckworth , Darren's sister

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