Monday, 6 July 2015


As part of Sexaros long running fit of pique at not having a few greedy buggers on the panel willing to provide us with stories, we are repeating our utter contempt for the current Inquiry and its reliance on tight lipped lawyers who wouldn't give us the time of day.In a Fart Watts exclusive, Gollum Wilber paedo boarding house provider, & general psycho said, when given his usual bung,
Its a crying shame, it was a great setup, you scratch my back, I scratch yours, then they had to mess it all up and make it independent & professional, end of back scratching. Not a thought for us mind. I house several paedos, & have a gong to polish, what about me FFS!! maggots is what they are - maggots! - I hope you brought cash!

Another outraged critic is Fester Barking
I was saving up to buy me a new grimace said Fester, as I only ave the one, but yeah, right, whatever, yeah, err, yeah, right, right. Is this going on the telly by any chance?, yeah, right, ok, yeah,whatever Gollum says like, yeah right

So there you have it, conclusive proof for only a tenner, that the new Inquiry is just shit
Fart Watts - serious journalism, Sexaro

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