Sunday, 12 July 2015

Sympathy card players

Playing the sympathy card is an old social media chestnut that predates twitter, and is often used by the shameless to fend off comments on their own dubious behaviour

Sympathy can often be for a claimed illness, pet, relative, or oneself, usually though in my experience it's the latter

I can recall several cases from the past, some we later found out were entirely bogus
Whilst trolling for hours on one forum, a  poster moved to another and claimed they were so distraught they weren't able to post much these days because they were seriously ill.

Another regular troll who claimed a similar state of health made a big show on a forum about waving goodbye, and claimed they wouldn't likely be returning as they were going in hospital for a major op and the odds were very poor.He was posting the next day. He made a series of these over many years

The effect is usually to get instant sympathy and to draw a veil over any previous trolling activity,as most are gullible enough to believe anything
If an illness is 'ongoing' it also provides a shield under which to troll - you can't say anything back to me because im ill, and YOU will be responsible, that sort of thing

Then on the other side there are those who make no mention of any illness at all, whilst others give almost daily updates
I recall one who was terminally ill, only one person on the forum knew this, the rest of us
only found out after he had passed away
He never asked for anything, no special treatment, sympathy card, nor did he troll

I am not aware of any specific heart condition, solely the result of internet activity
There isn't one. Usually the medical factors relate to age, genetics, weight, smoking etc though excessive stress may not help
If anyone has such a condition and believes stress is a factor, they should seek to realistically reduce any stress as much as possible
Trolling on social media isn't mandatory and will only exacerbate things,and quite frankly if anyone voluntarily  continues I would doubt their sincerity and in some cases their sanity as well.
Trying to apportion blame on others for your own voluntary actions is the mark of a charlatan, and sympathy card player

The same goes for claimed mental illness. If you are unable to cope with social media
remove yourself from it.Thats what the health professionals and police are likely to tell you.
That's also what your friends should tell you if they are proper friends and not just media allies

Don't blame others for your condition when you can simply remove the risk yourself, but choose not too, and instead use it as as shield to avoid genuine criticism. Those who refuse to do so are in the main, manipulative sympathy card players, who troll happily and who will use anything to try to get what they want

And bear this in mind.There are likely those who may have genuine illnesses, some terminal, who say nothing yet may bear the brunt of your attacks.I have more empathy for those, than I do the unscrupulous sympathy card players who still happily troll away, then throw up any claimed illness, or victim hood usually after abusing others, and then  retreating

Someone who isn't a part of events, doesn't troll but who gets targeted, including others children - like Jenny Tombola does ( see earlier posts) or relatives with heart conditions, who dont have a twitter account but Rory Mitty posts pictures of show the Wilmers and co just for what they are.Scum

If it's your choice to troll , don't blame others for your own actions regarding your claimed illness , genuine, or  bogus

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