Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Esther Baker liar

Fester has a very distinct habit of lying

She lied about the Wilmers trolling others because they were 'concerned abut her being in hospital' - when in fact the Wanking Wilmers had already started their trolling much earlier in the day, whilst Fester was doing her media interviews, darlings yet Fester  blatantly lied to get sympathy and try to get her supporters  off the hook


The facts are easy to check on hers, and others TL .9th July..it's a bare faced lie

She also lies about McFadyen and paints him as invading her TL, when in fact it's largely been the other way around for her and her cronies

Here is Fester again lying and trying for the sympathy card

Now it's fair to say both don't get along, but it's a lie to say she gets daily or anywhere near daily, abuse, that simply is a lie.
When asked to support her lie Fester can't - instead she attempts a diversionary tactic of a spurious claim, - namely drlavertyx has a new ID. Now if you look at the stats, his tweets are 25k on that account, the same account Fester has been engaged with all along, so how can she think it;s a new ID?
It isn't she is trying to avoid supporting her lies, because she cant
She implied she had blocked him earlier, then seemingly blocks him again, presumably just to make sure.

Fester lies as a matter of fact, to try to get what she wants, which is usually sympathy related, or to cover up other earlier lies. She lies so readily, it's compulsive.Question is for someone like that, when does the lying stop, if ever?

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