Sunday, 12 July 2015

Rory Walter Mitty

Rory Mitty has asked us to showcase some of his *coughs* Artwork

Here is his 1st

A modest little piece Walter Rory claims to have 'knocked out one lunchtime'
We understand Walter is keen on knocking one out

Here's a well known series set in Liverpool, which Walter knocked out whilst still at school during his lunchbreak

When home from school, Walter Rory shot edited, did the artwork , and produced the following before going to bed

As he says he's spent his whole life in Film, so who would doubt it

He did ask us not to mention him and others flinging dog shit around Prague as a 'work of art' so we won't

For the hard of understanding of Rory Mitty's rants, we provide subtitles

Translation = Walter Rory has gone off for  wank

NB Must have been a quick edit/or long wank, as he was back within the hour pmsl

private wanker

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