Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Laird Lafferty statement lol

Laird Lafferty is speaking - no don't laugh

Here is the Laird as reflections

Since the VSCP Panel was announced on 9 July 2015, already the rumblings of disapproval have started, and can we blame those that have little or no faith in those selected to carry out fully such important tasks?

Actually the rumblings as laugh-a-minute Lafferty the eternal toady speaks of, are mainly from him and his fellow toadiesThey were complaining the consultative panel as opposed to the Inquiry panel, were just unimportant, seems not when you want to moan
But the Laird drones on ....

It is our belief that after being present at the meetings with Judge Lowell Goddard; after attending previous meetings shut down by Survivors that believed they spoke for EVERYONE; and after fighting against other Survivors present in those meetings that there must be a Survivor on the main Panel

Fairly direct shot at AL and IMcF as usual lol, the toady Lafferty can't resist
And who would this survivor be I wonder
Laird Lafferty of Loughborough doesn't say lol
But he has just given a very good reason not to have one on

And he drones on with  absolute corkers

Will we give up? No, never and why? We truly support all Survivors and their voices. We are not a group swayed by Survivor Gangs and their leaders that cause nothing but fear and dread and we will never bow down to those that set out to use personal attacks on Survivors as a weapon to hurt and humiliate.

Survivor gangs? does he mean himself the nasty Tombola, the lying Baker, and the utter fruitcake Wilmer, with their vendettas?

When they say they support all of course, thats not to be taken literally, good god no.McFadyen, Lavery, and of their supporters, anyone not towing the Lafferty, Tombola, Baker Wilmer line
Anyone north of the border, or with ugly kids which we know Tombola hates

And who are reflections apart from a fairly dim collection of 3/4 individuals - we dont know!
No constitution, principles set down, or even any idea who runs the show and how, yet they claim it's 'democratic' lol. They cant even decide if it's a group or not, or just a 'meeting' they are all over the place - shambolic crap
Do you have any protection or reliable assurances your stories if told wont be sold or otherwise misused?
None at all

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