Thursday, 9 July 2015

Fester Troll

It's the CSA Inquiry publicity show, and Fester is wondering where her's is

Oh there it is supplied by loyal arsewipe disco...well in print only.
Fester still isn't happy, she wants to be on telly

Here she is asking her media outlet pet, when she will be on the box, now that she is suddenly an 'expert' on all related csa matters , err, right, yeah, def, right, yeah, yeah ....fixed grimace.

But Fester still isn't happy,  - no  sireee  the Inquiry are not personally protecting her 24/7 in all her trolling little ways, or personally attending to her every  whim.Obviously L Goddard missed that bit of her brief.

Lets face it, anything short of LGoddard declaring her total devotion to Fester and her trolling, would be totally unacceptable.
Fester moves on to her alleged abusers - note here, she's previously indicated nobody should speak about them, well, save for her and her acolytes anyway

To recap, Fester only had one " ex LibDem MP  - and it's reasonable to assume those of her family she accused and named, as well as former partners are not associated with anyone at Westminster or the Inquiry, so it's just one ex LibDem, stress on ex.
Here, CC confirms that, and confirms Fester has discussed  it  with most anyone vaguely sympathetic
Not difficult to work out who. Now bear in mind the impact of the above on anyone genuinely wanting to seek justice, rather than just to get attention and a bit of media coverage.
He isn't part of the Inquiry as such I should add, nor is he even an MP anymore
Infamy Infamy......


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