Saturday, 25 July 2015

Whatever happened to......

...the other 'fantastic speakers' who were booked at the three stooges event??

Apart from MP Jess Phillips, who obviously hadn't heard, all I see are Fester, Laird Lafferty, and Tomlin spliff  Escobar. and a couple of hangers on

So where were the others -'haven't enough space to mention you all' ....LMFAO

Not in Fester's list either

But at least Fester reovered from her illness, bang on time to travel from L Lime St to Laird Loughborough. What timing eh, what a  trooper

Amazing speeches lol, thats one way of describing them lmao
Fester - yeah, right, right, yeah, right yer, ok, grimace, half smile - which is even worse than her grimace

Laird Lafferty, who reaches new heights of boredom, as well as unintended punctuation stops which make his words sound even more stupid if thats possible

Then Tomlin Escobar who probably is emailing everyone on her list with the latest prices of home grown weed
Someone has to pay for the pool ya know
Then there's one half of the Wanking Wilmers, the man with the caterpillar under his nose
Wilmer snr could certainly induce sleep in an insomniac


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