Tuesday, 14 July 2015

So we know what Goddard is on

..fair enough, interestingly some of those claiming it demonstrates the Inquiry is somehow a gravy train, are not really saying what they earned

So, and we will say this in caps because Wilmer fruitcake doesn't like answering questions


Thats for you Graham Wilmer, not that he's got the wotsits to answer it

How much did they pay you, with proof, as we know the Wilmers are chronic liars

How much does Exaro Mark Watts get for selling stories to the Nationals and do any of those concerned get paid as well??

So come on chaps, youre quite happy to criticize others. lets see how open or not you are

But we already know don't we. 

We know Goddard's package in total, including housing, utilities, flights etc are reported at 500k
so 2.5 m for 5 years, thats for everything

If stories sold and originating from 'friendly panel former members syndicated and sold earned say 50-100k on average, it  might only take as few as 25 over 5 years or so to make up the same 2.5 million money for Exaro from nothing

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