Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Playing nicely

You wouldn't think it was that difficult would you?
But obviously it is for some

There are some twitter users who I would doubt would ever appear on here
I may or may not agree with them, but that isn't the point
It's the two faced, skulking liars and low lifes that don't have a point, other than trolling away, whilst quickly accusing everyone else of being a troll, on the basis that must therefore exclude them.
It's generally however  the opposite

The victimhood brigade.Those who like to dish out abuse, call everyone else but themselves, trolls, then immediately declare victimhood such that to be critical of them would mean they would instantly fall to pieces, and it would be YOUR fault!
Known as the Tombola-Baker-Lafferty-Wilmer effect

If you dish it out, then expect a response, don't whinge behind some victimhood cloak
oh my oh my my victimhoods just beenhurt
but only after i've dished out the abuse
Utterly shameless

Get off twitter luvies if thats how you really feel - but it's not is it!
It's a ploy, to get sympathy and avoid comments, and excuse your own trolling

The two faced Tomlin
Dm me hun xxxx, unless you're from the North, and have ugly kids who are the devils spawn as you disagreed with me, which of course means you are an abomination, evil and your ugly kids who play no part in this are just as evil....but everyone else who agrees with me xxxx may your god go with you,xxxx fairy dust and happiness reign down on you all darlings, mwah lovey kissy kisses xxx mwah mwah to all those who agree with me, the rest of you  evil abominations with ugly kids just have a word with my best chums known trolls and sex offender infiltrators who I say xxxxx
you must be nice because you agree with me darlings kissy kissy mwah

talk about synthetic sweetner overload

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