Monday, 20 July 2015

Abuser convictions: reflections

Just how many of the troll group, reflections have secured a conviction for one or more of their alleged abusers?

We know fruitcake Wilmer failed in his attempt to get his alleged abuser convicted
The trial judge even said he was 'extremely unimpressed' with Wilmer's evidence
Fruitcakes are notoriously unreliable and unimpressive, though in legal speak, that usually means
he thought Wilmer was a nobhead liar

Then there is wee Worwee, Wilmer jnr.Now to be honest, I think freddie fantasist is probably just indulging in pork pies again, but lets for the moment humor him and go along with his fantasy.No conviction of his imaginary abuser there either
Nil points for the Wanking Wilmers then

Two-faced Tombola claims to have been abused - make a change from her abusing others online eh Tombola- but again no conviction, so still legally  speaking,  alleged - pass the pies

Then there is wee weasel, Laird Lafferty of Loughborough.The man who is to public speaking what
the EDL are to race relations.Again no conviction there.Odd because rather than prat around with his stupid petition, which will get nowhere, Laird Lafferty could be trying to get his alleged abuser into court.Rather than seeking out notoriety, followers and media time, he could be trying to see his alleged abuser got time - assuming of course it's true.But no, Laird Lafferty is busy making a ass of himself everywhere along with his trolling partners

One of those is Fester just-get-me-on-telly Baker, who seems available for any old media show that will entertain her and bring her some attention. Given she's named her alleged abusers directly and indirectly, she will have a long wait, as she has effectively fucked up her alleged case, assuming she had one in the first instance. No convictions there then, and they way she goes about it there won't be any
Bear in mind Fester has already had a crack at this before, and failed, now on a further attempt she fucks up the case by naming everyone then pretending she hasnt.Police resources down the pan

So of the little troll group in question, NOBODY has secured a conviction for any of their alleged abusers, nor seems likely too.How odd that they spend most of their efforts hunting for publicity of various kinds, rather than hunting for their alleged abusers

But lets get on telly -eh

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