Thursday, 9 July 2015

The man with the grudge

I was curious about old Wilmer, the ultra-obsessive man with the huge grudge. He never managed to get his alleged abuser convicted, unlike McFadyen who did. Was it just the loss of 500-a day fees for Wilmer that sparked the nutjob into his vendetta, or was there rancour that despite a 'confession' from his alleged abuser, Wilmer never managed a conviction- though it appears he Wilmer a caution himself these days.
Now according to Wilmer, it's all the police's fault - well it would be I suppose, couldn't have anything to do with Wilmer himself. His alleged abuser was apparently in a distraught state when interviewed by the police, so should have had an appropriate adult present when questioned said Justice Reid. The recordings were deemed inadmissible, which left Wilmer's own evidence.And here is where it gets interesting because despite being keen to blame the police entirely for events, and imply that's only what the judge said, it's not. Justice Reid also said about Wilmer himself the following ...

"the testimony, for what it is worth, of Mr Wilmer".

adding that he ( Justice Reid ) was , "extremely unimpressed" with Wilmer

very damning words all considered

Wilmer eventually settled for  £20,000 from the Salesians, who employed his alleged abuser
and agreed not to take the matter further. True to form, he ratted on his agreement, and detailed events to sell a book - kerching. So the Salesians offered another £10,000 for 4 years to his project
despite settling previously. Money does seem to feature with Wilmer quite a lot, for the man with the grudge.
kerching kerching

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