Monday, 27 July 2015

The three colons

So people came from 'everywhere'
But Laird Lafferty said it was essentially regional.

But how would he know since he only asked for a real name and to say what badge name you wanted.Seems the latter was abandoned on the day.
This was Laird Lafferty's 'safety, regional protocol'
With no region
So just another porky then.

At least some actually turned up, way short of the 140 plus capacity mind, which is why Tomlin Escobar, the Laird, and Fester Faker were still plugging away up till the last minute

But a few faithful made the pilgrimage to Laird Lafferty's Loughborough lounge

I did like the local bbc 15 sec clip with the sparse attendees, one of whom was clearly almost asleep, he was so enthralled haha

But it gave them something to gush about

And the motivations of those involved?
As per usual, with the mad Wanking Wilmers its was about money, funding and being seen as a representative of some movement

Exaro want to be fed details and stories to sell on, to make lots of nice money.Whether the stories are true or not, as we have seen, hardly matters.
Wanking Wilmer has customers, each with a story.So would any survivor group
You can hear those cash registers ring right now for Wilmer/Exaro

Fester, Tomlin Escobar, and Laird Lafferty want similar. A few nice treats, bungs, and to be 'important.A seat at the top table lmfao

The survivors themselves?....just a means to an end!

If you want to sell your story, go to a national, and take advice.Dont go to Exaro who will sell you on and pocket the cash, not telling you, that you will have just blown your case by naming everyone, just to make the story salable

If you want confidentiality, and professionalism, go to the professionals, not rank amateurs with hidden agendas, like Tomlin Escobar, Laird Lafferty, Fester Faker and the Wanking Wilmers

The laird bleats on, whining away, playing for any sympathy

Suppose it slipped the Laird's selective memory about his own comments on others
Rather like Fester, Laird believes he can say anything about anyone, and they have no rights, for as soon as he's done trolling, Laird puts on his victim clothes and declares nobody can say anything against him, because of it.

And what happened to Nicky Morgan, who opened the meeting?
You might be forgiven for thinking she didn't attend as there is no real mention of her or expressions of gratitude by the three stooges.How rude of them not to offer thanks for an MP turning out in the back end of nowhere on a Saturday morning, but then if the stooges don't get exactly what they want, they aren't playing ball.

As it's not an educational issue primarily she would be there in her capacity as local MP
It's practice to make that clear, and not to let any media assume interviews would be available, unless otherwise agreed.

They seem to have written her out of the picture almost entirely, without a public thank you
Par for the course with the troll trio

NB  As if by magic a small reference to nicky morgan appears on Laird Lafferty's blog at about 11.30 pm UK time 27th July15

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