Saturday, 28 November 2015

The charm Offensive

It's been clear that for some time EB has wanted to especially ingratiate herself with certain accounts on twitter.
These are accounts might be said to be 'prominent' within the limited world of twitter csa
This is in contrast to her usual approach which is to immediately aggress if she detects the slightest criticism, or dissent from the EB line among the rank & file
But these 'important' accounts are largely exempt from that initial aggression, up to a point at least, because by bringing these accounts 'onboard' it enhances EB's own stock  by association.
She gets more attention, more kudos, and more chance to dictate her terms elsewhere

 So usually her approach to these accounts is filled with generous 'huns', 'sweeties' and 'xxxxx' soothing responses meant to achieve the appropriate effect, along with lots of  RT's and additional effort designed to secure support
In fact in this respect she's probably no different from the average abuser in full grooming mode
But for these special accounts, it's worth making that special effort.For lesser accounts in disagreement she may instead just  jump on them screaming she won't be silenced, & they know jack anyway

Though similar in many respects, Disco is slightly different in this particular one.Her distrust about those not fully onside doesn't in general extend to that extra ingratiating mile to bring them back onside, regardless of status
Short term,they are either with us or agin us, might be a suitable characterisation of Disco. EB however looks at whether they're gullible/malleable enough to be brought into the fold longer term, based largely on whether they are 'important' accounts or not dictates whether she's willing to make the extra manipulative effort
She is after all the professional victim, & certain a/cs will yield far more for her than others, as all professional victims know all too well

never has 'charm' been more offencive

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