Thursday, 19 May 2016

The Bin Diaries

order from Tesco messed up

What a shower of shite Tescos are!
It was supposed to be 3x cat 6 packs, 14 large pizzas, 20 large tubs of Ben and Jerrys,  large box chocolate assortments & 400 B&H
Somehow they missed the ice cream and sent broccoli instead FFS!!!! WTF am i supposed to do with that!
I looked on the internet for cocoa content but found nothing ... anyway rang them straight back to complain
Customer service a load of shite, didn't offer a single freebie ..twats!
Thought that warranted free mixed range of B&J large pack ice cream at the very least , and told her so.
Sarky cow suggested a cookery book
Will send an email to manager tomorrow claiming harassment by staff - that'll teach her to cross me

Good mind to add her to my voodoo doll collection as well, which incidentally is coming on great
To think I  started off with just most of Laddies management & all those on FB who didn't like me, family, relatives, ex clients, most of Thrybergh,  punters who got the nark, the offy wholesaler who refused us credit
most of SYpolice, oh and that twat on the bus the other day
Course, naturally there's IMcF, BE, AL DL, & all the other trolls who give me shit as well
I like those special hat pins, you know the long ones that go really really deep
I twist it in right till the end, then give it an extra wiggle just to be sure lol
PMSL when some on my list complain about aches and pains, laugh? - i often leak a bit of wee at the thought

DM just in, back in a few hours

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