Sunday, 28 June 2015

Exaro Exaggerato

Exaggerto - Holding pounds to our account

With Fart Watts, and David Wancker

Fart had a mission, to do serious journalism - but he quickly got over that when his investor demanded his money back with big interest!

A sensational new story by David Wancker. Was Thomas Cromwell a pimp/supplier for paedophile Henry VIII?
David furiously searched back issues of Health & Efficiency to come up with some startling new evidence which links Henry VIII to Westminster  via Hampton Court & royal barges..The Tudors were really usurpers you know

David approached the current Inquiry demanding they look at this immediately but  was met with derision, once again proving the Inquiry was far better when it had a few self-serving money grabbing morons on it

Undeterred, David says anyone with any personal information on this story can contact us at Exaggerato drop box in total confidence
thats Mirror Group Newspapers, Exaro next story to sell,

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