Monday, 3 August 2015

Clur of Weston-Super-Mur aka disco troll

Who put the 'psycho' in psychotherapy

claire bennett, western super mare aka disco troll, with most of  the old twitterati on her sparse timeline
Only 2 in Weston Clur, and the other ain't you - which leaves Clur psycho

Clur couple of quick questions luvvie
Your age appears as early 50's - how old is your photee?
Would you like ferapy so you can post an up to date one without crapping yourself?
You have a son/daughter in her early 20's living with you, which supports that age
No mr disco though - did he boogie away?

Why aren't you seeing anyone till 1st Sept?
Do you not see your online abuse and trolling along with Fester as an issue you should address?
You need help Clur, perhaps I should contact those bodies you're registered with for your own good.

Do you think your local community and clients would be concerned - I think they would Clur
One could see it as a civic duty almost, to help you overcome your abusive addictions
Surely as a trained psycho, you can see that,  clur

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