Thursday, 6 August 2015

Poor Worwee

Modesty forbids me to say 'told ya so', but as we confidently predicted, Wanking Wilmer Worwee
deactivated his account for a short while, then reactivated and went protected.
Oooooo eeerrr Worweee.
As we also predicted, he removed a large number of defamatory tweets, well over a thousand
But he was a bit late as a mole shnuck in on Worwee's account and screenshot the  above.

Seems Wanking Worwee Wilmer was a smidgeon too late when he not only deleted huge number of tweets YET AGAIN, he also deleted most of his purchased 'followers' - EXCELLENT!
Yes Worwee just couldn't be certain where his mole was, so having bought 3,000 or so, he deleted about 2500, in case he didn't get his mole. Even more EXCELLENT!

We, and everyone else now knows what goes on behind Wanking Worwee's locked account
He slags everyone that might not fully endorses the Wanking Wilmers.
That's clear now, unfortunately for Worwee that is.

Are there no young women Worwee can go out to try to abuse?

Everyone considered him, the Wilmer of the county.......

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