Monday, 17 August 2015

Fart Watts Fester Faker interview

Fart----Fester, can we just clear something up before we start, some people have said that we here at Sexaro sell your story, are  in it for the money, and we coax and manipulate victims
In your own words Fester, would you like to comment on that?

Fester---I am shocked Fart that anyone could say such things about a man as wholesome, saint-like, and who exposed the whole of CSA all by himself, as you
Did I miss anything out Fart?

Fart---You missed the bit about being incredibly handsome, and looking like Brad Pit

Fester---I never knew Bradford had a mining industry Fart!

Fart---OK Fester - try to relax and not look like an ad for laxatives
So to sum up your position Fester, the new Inquiry is not fit for purpose because...

Fester---Because Fart, it don't include my mates, Wanking Wilmer of the brown envelopes for a start
and when I asked Emmerson for personal protection 24/7, and to get rid of anyone on twitter who disagreed with me, he said that wasn't part of his brief.I don't know what briefs he has, but they should be giving me whatever I want, that much ought to be clear to them, but it aint Fart it aint.
What good is an Inquiry if I am not at the center of it, and people don't take notice of me?.

Fart---Sorry  Fester,what were you saying? - as you know we here at Sexaro have many concerns about it, ever since our money grabbing sources got removed.Personally I will never forgive that and the potential loss to us of a few million from unauthorized story leaks.It's just un British and shows how widespread corruption is

Fester--Fart you are all heart, people don't really understand you - can I have my money now Fart?

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