Sunday, 16 August 2015

Penny Dreadful Pimps

I see Sexaro, Baker & Wilmer are still selling the old spiel to any numbnut tv company that will pay them cash
This time it's not the aussies - good lord no, they were shafted by Sexaro with a lying accuser, namely Darren dunarunner
No, it's the Germans this time, treated to the Baker grimace...yeah right, right, yeah, right.

How much do Sexaro make?
How much does Wilmer get?
How much does the poison dwarf get?

Who knows, it's secret!
Bet Wilmers, & Baker's will be in brown envelopes

As Wilmer's idiot son Rory said, CSA is profitable. Well if you're Sexaro, Wilmer and Baker perhaps.

One thing it won't do is assist her case in the UK -but who cares about that
She has named virtually everyone anyway, either directly or indirectly

random libdem pic

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