Sunday, 23 August 2015

Wanking or rather Limp old dick Wilmer

..has come out from under protection, lmfao

Old Mr Floppy is soon on his usual form of manic madness -infamy infamy, Graham's victimhoods claiming infamy

It's shocking, it really is, that this pitiful excuse for an old limp turd is let anywhere near genuine victims - amazing isn't it. He ought to be in a secure unit, with padded cells.

He is writing a book, well thats a waste of a few good trees for a start. Shall I look for it on the remainder list, or just ring round a few Oxfam shops I wonder
Not sure if it will be listed under fiction or comedy.

A few voices trying to urge restraint - actually a pair of handcuffs and straight jacket would be far more useful
Oddly enough the pitchfork wielding mob analogy is quite accurate with this little group
Then there's dick77, living her life on the internet, Fester -aliens-abducted-me-on-cannock-chase Faker
with nobody coming forward to corroborate, save for Fart Watts, who claimed he was a girl in another life

You have to larf .....

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