Wednesday, 26 August 2015

old limp dick Wilmer lmao

Open then protected, then open to deliver some bile, then next day protected, few days later open again.
Clearly old limp dick can't decide whether his clearly insane rantings should be generally seen or not.

Just for the record, though im sure Limp dick Wilmer will be unable to accept anything other than his severe psychotic world, Mr Lavery, or for that matter Mr McFadyen or Mr Laverty have NO INPUT to this blog
We have never asked, nor have been given any information by any of them.Let me be crystal clear.

Old limp dick Wilmer seems to have a thing about benefits. I doubled checked, and no person here is in receipt of any
Limp dick Wilmer has had no visible source of income since a long time ago, apart from what he may have received from social services for fostering, but then that's supposed to be primarily for the child
Not to support Wilmers trolling
Limp Wilmer had a breakdown some years ago,he claims,  what did he live off then, as well as now?
The 20k he got from compensation wont have lasted more than a year or two at most, and he reneged on that
Lantern receives funding from a local NHS trust, and has a tiny budget. Most presumably, at Lantern are volunteers as clearly once rent is paid, there is very little left.Wilmer seems far more interested in his vendetta against McFadyen and Lavery, as indeed does Fester, than anything else.

Limp dick Wilmer, his feckless son, and Fester are quite appalling liars
We have documented some of those on here in previous threads

 Wilmer claims both ST and Guardian sort of retracted their stories.I read both articles, and Wilmers complaint. They essentially dismissed Wilmer and his pedantic claim.

Wilmer lost his 500 a day panel position, and nose in the funding trough, both formally and informally
I doubt he will ever get over it, but clearly he was not even remotely fit, physically-according to him, and certainly mentally, by his own actions since.
He should be receiving care as inpatient in a secure unit, where they could tend to his psychiatric problems.

He was issued with a PIN notice he now admits....seems he forgot to mention  caution.
He claims the cps, who are naturally his mates, lol,  ordered the police to remove this
To be blunt, that is simply a lie.

The CPS have no part to play in PIN notices, and if approached would route you back to the issuing force, or possible the IPCC.
PIN notices or harassment notices, are issued by police and there is no formal appeal process
You could try complaining to the issuing force, or IPCC, but they do not at issue point constitute part of a prosecution- though they may do later.
Limp Dick Wilmer is simply lying yet again, just like his idiot son Rory does

Mersey police most likely think Wilmer is a vexatious complainer, a wuss, a cry baby- and in that they are doubtless right.His letter from the cps clearly indicates he's just keen to waste police time, hoping someone might listen, if he tries often enough. .

His latest mad fantasy is an alleged redacted claim that someone sent derogatory emails to him in late 2014 and was asked by others to so. Note even if one assumes this is a genuine letter, nowhere does it say that person was asked to send such mails by either Lavery or McFadyen, yet that is what Wilmer untruthfully claims.

This is the actual letter posted by Wilmer fruitloop which he claims was sent to him, but the name hes redacted

At no point does the letter say the author (assuming he exists), was asked to send any mail at all.
There was a mail sent by Wanking Wilmer which could be construed as intimidation, that is a matter of record, but nothing in the above document to say anyone was asked to send anything.More Wilmer lies.Seems Wilmer, has scant regard for the truth.

Attempting to pervert the course of justice is a serious crime, whether he appreciates it or not.

The Wilmer name has become very toxic, with few sensible voices supporting, merely some internet rabble, and exaro who are effectively wedded to Wilmer by one means or another.Perhaps it's way overdue for someone to hold those to account.

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