Friday, 4 September 2015

Early Becky Interview

Fart --Becky I have read your account of this religious abuse marlarkey you provided for C4 which I have to say took some selling. I would like you to think hard Becky - i realise this might be difficult - but are there any other names, events etc, vip stuff that might be of help to add to your story

Becky--Dunno Fart they were all religious like, saying things like the Lord will have you

Fart ---Ah so there were Lords involved, lets note that quickly

Becky--They said I would be judged

Fart--remarkable - senior members of the judiciary involved as well, *scribbles frantically*

Becky--And if I didn't behave I would have to Labour for my peers

Fart-- Excellent - a Labour Peer as well - truly remarkable what you can recall with a bit of help, I can feel palpitations in my bank balance already.
But tell me Becky, I am thinking from other accounts, were there any budding libdem MP's involved in this abuse, especially any i don't like.
To help you with this, because I know youre a bit thick, I will hold up several pictures  and you tell me if you can spot anything you recognise.

Becky--*Becky grimaces, whilst breaking wind*.....the middle picture Fart

Fart--Truly Excellent Becky, * wafting paper frantically* we have come a long way from your boring story of religious stuff nobody would buy, to a media shocker. But tell me what specifically drew you to the middle picture, Becky?

Becky--Well, I just looked up and saw the bundle of cash you were holding above that picture Fart

Fart-- Excellent Becky we need more witnesses like you

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