Tuesday, 1 September 2015

The Wilmer-Baker hate war

The so-called survivor wars feel as though they have been going on longer now than the 100 year war
The vitriolic campaign is run by Graham fruitcake Wilmer, and Esther look at me Baker, largely against Ian Mcfadyen, and Andi Lavery, though new entrants get sucked into the Wilmer-Baker cesspool if they demonstrate disloyalty or differing views.

Just to recap, the vendetta was begun by Wilmer & his son, Rory Mitty  - his son largely leading to begin with, in order to keep fruitcake Fathers TL looking half sane. Wilmer lost his panel position when the first Inquiry was disbanded and the whole panel, Inquiry, ToR and status were changed.That was the starting point, for old mad, mad Wilmer who blamed IM, AL for his lost panel fees.

To campaign as IM AL did, along with many others, for a new Inquiry because you believe the existing one unsuitable, is a legitimate aim, whether you share the same view or not.
Trying to remove twitter accounts just for revenge, isn't.

The extreme bitterness, hate, and lies that have poured forth from Fruitcake Wilmer & co, have been truly astounding.I am aghast Wilmer isn't receiving serious mental health treatment within a suitable institution, rather than being involved with vulnerable clients. What happens when a client upsets him? does he go off in the same extreme volatile manner. It really is genuinely shocking to think of this 'accident waiting to happen' from this old fruitcake male, filled with hatred

Wilmer fruitcake blames IM-AL for virtually everything.He claims to have had a heart attack in late 2014, so they are naturally to blame. I am unaware of any such condition being primarily down being on the internet.
If he genuinely felt his health was suffering due to stress levels, he and his family and friends should be advising him to voluntarily stay off social media.If you freely choose to troll on social media, then that's a personal choice.It is entirely Wilmers choice.But no, old Wilmer likes to play the sympathy card where possible.Not being on the panel, potentially  helped Wilmer's physical health if we are to believe his account of events, but Wilmer doesn't take that view. As for his mental health, he was and is entirely unsuitable for anything.A hate-filled ranting old man and you don't need to be an apologist to see that.

But forget those so-called apologists, sympathisers etc, because it is a small group of so called survivors/campaigners/asswipes who have damaged the csa cause with their bitter war more than any other single source, and the prime source of that was, and still is, Fruit cake Wilmer -Baker and their hangers-on ie clinkers
Disagree with these and out come the clinkers. Latest victims, jacobite, and Mark Williams Thomas. Jacobite said he didn't believe Fester Faker's story - I suspect neither do many others when looking at the facts. Out come the clinkers, assisted by Baker who attack in group with pitchforks ready, on anyone voicing a different opinion. Unfortunately this IS the stuff of witch-hunts. It's having a group view no one else is allowed to deviate from without being accused of modern day heresy. It may not be the majority,who hold this view, but instead a rather small seedy little alliance of self interested, maggots, jostling for any remaining morsels to feed upon - but it is a vocal minority. That vocal element, a number of the more sane community members fail to deal with.A few occasional pithy negative comments will not deal with this, meanwhile the Wilmer-Baker maggots in question, wriggle on with a charm offensive aimed at  certain accounts, trying to sucker them in with a bit of synthetic flattery. Grooming I believe is the right expression

I suspect for many more sane users, they will just switch off from csa altogether and think this is not something they wish to be involved in, in any capacity.Others will perhaps change their opinion entirely, after viewing this nasty protracted hate campaign  of Wilmer-Baker. Who could blame them?. It is aimed to damage and polarise opinion, and in some senses will  achieve that.But the cost is not only borne by their targets IM, AL, it will also be levied on the haters themselves, and more importantly, on all the other genuine if less vocal csa community.

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