Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Nasty old Claire Bennett

Otherwise known as discovery77, disco, and her troll account

@NvrH8 aimed at getting others the sack...not just one person, several

twinned of course with Fester Faker, another seriously lying warped individual

Here is mad claire though it's an old photo eh Claire

We give full credit to others for some of this material, as on drlavertysx TL

Here is mad Claire asking others to report accounts she just doesn't like. A common theme in much of disco's online activity

Peter McKelvie of course links to Ian Mcfadyen so mad claire obviously hates him

On Ian Mcfadyen who Claire and company tried to smear as a paedophile in DM and with worwee, a paedophile sympathiser.

On darren Laverty

Mad Claire used to follow gojam and post on his blog, but as soon as she disagrees, it's warfare from the mad therapist in WSM

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