Tuesday, 1 September 2015

The ever changing Esther Baker 'story'

So exactly when did Esther Baker's 'story' change so substantially, and more importantly, why?

In the Mirror article and  C4 news at the beginning of Jan 2015 she was called 'Becky' telling her then story and giving her view, that the old Inquiry must stay, along with  Wilmer, naturally.That was THE most important thing.

Clearly the story, accent and pictures, even though her face is not shown, are Esther Bakers
Her story is clearly recognisable including, family, policemen, ex partners, but strangely enough and here's where it gets interesting, NO mention of the key figures namely Lords, Judges and MPs which sold her story to Sky and which currently feature so heavily. Yet they DON'T FEATURE AT ALL in Bakers interviews of the 5th and 13th Jan 2015


There are NO JUDGES  mentioned at all

There are NO LORDS  mentioned at all

There are no MPs mentioned either, living or dead

How could anyone have forgotten them, it's not like they were even mentioned on the 5th Jan 2015, in the Mirror article and C4 news of the same date..THEY SIMPLY DIDN'T EXIST back then. Did someone 'remind' her of these prior to selling her story to Sky?
Those Lords, Judges and specific Peers etc their details are not dependent upon some later claimed recognition as with alleged libdem mp- though clearly Baker lied about the timing of this recently. So the question is why were they missing from her account given on 5th/13th Jan 2015??
EVERYTHING ELSE WAS THERE, but NOT the Judges, Lords, and MPs, current or past

Even the role of the various alleged police officers present had changed from the current obvious implication they were partly at least guarding these later featured  VIP's, but back in jan 2015 there were no VIP'S so they were apparently being explained away  as just  members of a religious group, which Baker at that time claims abused her.No real mention of that religious group in her later story though.It has disappeared and been replaced by VIP's unmentioned till Sky

Did she suddenly 'remember' about the Lords, Judges and MP  much later, after consulting with Wilmer/Exaro?
She claimed to have first recognised the alleged libdem circa Jan 2015 - though she also claims to have named him prior to Lantern/Wilmer which was at least Dec 2014 according to one of her many stories.
She lies badly, that's clear enough, but even if we ignore the lies surrounding the libdem for a moment, excl one libdem there is no reason to explain away the missing Judges, Lords, & specific Peer later mentioned in her revised story sold to Sky and Mirror, and promoted with the help of Wilmer Exaro.
It's not like you would have forgotten them is it, unless of course they were never real in the first place.

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