Sunday, 6 September 2015

Jobs for the boys

Wilmer senior has no visible means of support, unless he takes an income or fees from the
Lanterns small annual income.

The Lantern project is a small charity whose last accounts filed show an income of just over £60k
for that financial year 2013

Being so small exempts them from making certain detailed returns in their accounts and reports to to the charity commission

Interesting then that they employed someone full time with the rather grandiose title of  'Regional Executive', whose title/role  appears to extend to Development Director,  as well as being a Director and Treasurer.
Fine sounding titles you might say, especially for someone who claims he was 'headhunted' by The lanterns projects CEO, and whose previous background  was working in retail sports shops as an assistant
How much do they pay their Regional Executive out of their meagre donations meant to directly help  victims? - Interesting question. Especially I imagine for those donating who very likely didn't expect to be supporting a full time management role for such a small charity.
And who is this person allegedly headhunted by the lantern projects CEO? for the role of Regional Executive/Development Director/Director?
 well actually it's

Zachary Wilmer, Graham Wilmers second son.


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