Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Exaro & Private Eye

It's not unknown for what used to be termed 'Fleet St' to have loss making titles. Proprietors have been willing trade cash for the influence a national  news title brings with it. But Exaro is positively microscopic and far from a regional let alone national title, and Booth is an investor in small 'high risk' ventures who looks for a commensurate return on his investment.

The damage to Exaro  recent adverse publicity from MSM and the likes of PE, must mean that the tantalizing prospect for Watts of selling a few' Darren' type stories in order to fend off Booth, must have shrunk to almost zero.
Meanwhile Watts is frantically  spinning to the faithful in a damage limitation exercise, but they are far easier to con than other journalists, and more importantly, Booth.
Perhaps there's a Syrian media outlet  with a vacancy?

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